Kicking the Summer season off with the collection of 'fresh from the oven' bags. 

I can't remember if I ever was that ready for the sunniest season of them all. My Summer bag range happened to be pretty diverse. If something like a bum bag was long planned to be added to my collection, then the rest came as a love from the first sight. There is this thing about me, I guess it's not only about me but rather all human beings, when I see a piece and I have this 'I want it' or 'This is it!' kind of thought, then I grab it and run away that quickly so no one else can have a chance to put their hands on it. 
This story actually lacks a couple of pieces. The ones that have already been seen in my hands and outfit stories. It's the bucket bag, the fringed bag from H&M, my lovely triple-color shoulder bag many of you seemed to fall in love with as well and many other oldies like Candy Bag by Furla, backpack and so on. The ones that are definitely stepping in the sun-full season, but are not on this list because today it's all about totally new, unseen yet pieces. So hop on and let's take a ride! 

Cupcake Bag

Probably the most unordinary bag of my Summer range. Basically, it's not really a bag. I mean the usual bag we, women, are used to take around with us everywhere. It's metal and reminds more of something like a shopper bag, but it's visual styling made me melt. So Summer-like and girly! I already have several ideas where to fit it in terms of my outfits.

Little Black Pouch

Little elegant piece by DUNE LONDON. Nothing much can fit inside but a mobile and lipstick. If you are familiar with history of fashion, I am now talking about fashion of around 1920's, when ladies used to walk around with twice smaller pieces with tiny mirror and lipstick inside. Can a modern lady accept such a challenge? Yes, I am. Just wait for that...  

Shoulder Classics

This one by Sinsay was exactly the first sight love. Simple color, lines, shapes attracted my attention. It's one of those bags 'for every day' and occasion. Not that spacious as well, but come on you don't need much when the sun is shining outside!

Foil-like Bum Bag

Seems like I was searching for a bum bag for ages. I was nearly about to give up on the idea to find a cool one, but then this Sinsay appeared in the horizon. Isn't it an ideal combo for my Kurt Geiger sneakers? Oh, silver foiled Summer, greet me. I'm ready to belt you up!

Red Details Over Straw

The most Summer bag of them all. Or better to say the most beach bag of them all. Straw and red - what a combination! I bet it's going to grab every beacher's attention throughout the season. And not only. I'm having a real red color splash in the upcoming season, so this straw beauty will surely be spotted in the streets as well.

Photo: A. Puzova