Buttering the body with the real Latvian 'gardener of feelings' - STENDERS. 

I keep mentioning this Latvia-based beauty brand when a new piece by STENDERS comes into my hands. Since the brand's products happen to be, let's say, guests of Practical Queen AP, I guess it did deserve a good research-story. What do you think? I think - yes. So let's put it on our agenda and see what I'll be able to come up with in the future. Looking forward to do it in a proper, fashion business way, which requires quite a long time to study everything through. Having fingers crossed!

Today's Secret Beauty Box story is again about one of STENDERS' pretty little beauty products - coconut body butter. Let me have a step back and say that I'm crazy over all sort of body butters, lotions, milks and so on. Whenever I come across something new that increases my interest and has a pleasant aroma I tend to try it out. Though not that many stay on my beauty shelf for longer than one try. You got it right, this body butter is among those few that have been on my list for months now. To say that I like it is to be dishonest. I sincerely can't imagine my life at the moment without a jar of it.
Why? Firstly, just listen what STENDERS says about the body butter: "A masterpiece made of mango, shea butter, jojoba oil, grapefruit essential oil". Sounds like a perfect mix of ingredients. So does it smell and feel when applied. Secondly, it is as buttery, as such kind of butter can be. Finally, despite the fact that the jar is relatively small, only like 70g, it lasts for me for me than a month, in fact it's on my daily use list. As we are nearly entering the summer season, I can't see anything better than this piece of resort-like smelling butter that will serve you well throughout the hot sunny days, or evenings.

Photo: A. Puzova