Ultimate Summer vibes with a sense of Japan. 

I guess I need to start with mentioning that I came across this Fuji Green Tea cologne by The Body Shop thanks to Brunch-ie at DUNE LONDON back in few weeks. So the two British brands joined forces and not only did introduce me to the shoe giant in more depth, but also helped to discover this Summer-y scent.
Next I think I have to admit that I never really was into such greenery scents before. My hand would usually be put either on super strong, seductive perfumes or on thin, light fragrances that are hardly sensed. This The Body Shop cologne is a total contradiction to what I am used to. But life is about changes, isn't it? Just listen to this - "the perfect blend of green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes with a floral heart of camellia, jasmine and violet", says The Body Shop. Is there any other fragrance that sounds as green as the Fuji Green Tea?

Speaking of the blend itself. It does not only sound very green. i.e. natural, pure, and looks green, I mean the visual aspects of the bottle, it does smell very green. Very Summer-y. Very light, but with a strong statement. What it also smells like is Japan. It's all due to green tea used in the perfume. Or maybe it smells directly like Fuji? The city in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture - so that's where the Fuji green tea comes from.
Still, despite the fact that green tea is probably coming only from one city of Japan, the scent of this cologne takes you to the most picturesque places around the country. It could probably be such places, as Nanzenji Temple, Ninnaji Temple, Adachi Museum of Art, Kenrokuen Garden, Ritsurin Koen and many more. Basically, this is the list of the place I would love to visit in the nearest future. And this Fuji Green Tea cologne only prompts me to move towards that direction...   

Photo: A. Puzova