Continuing an affair with the shades of beige... 

Another outfit in my 'all shades of beige color' series. Can't really get enough of it and am kind of challenging myself to see what else in terms of total beige combinations I can pull. Well, my wardrobe seems to play into my hands in this case.

This time I took my all beige everything outfit to an interesting, historical location right next to the Mitava Palace - its park. The park was set to be created back in 1817. The historical location that survived through nearly 200 years. Endless paths and numerous bridges over the channel... And again I started wondering what was it like hundred years ago or even back in the 19th century? Still today the park holds an unbelievably gorgeous view over the Mitava Palace and a new promenade from the other side. And millions of sunny yellow dandelions shine up the way of every single park visitor.
I was thinking lately about the beige, I mean what can lie behind the color. They say black is a color of intellectuals, while blue is all about spirituality and white - innocence. So why would one be in a state of beige shades? After researching the color a bit here's what I came out with. Beige color contributes to a peaceful rest and although the color lack emotionality, it is more often preferred by spiritual personalities. Sounds quite surprising as to me.  

I've never really thought of beige this way. Unemotional color? It just always seemed to me such an elegant, tender and natural color that is so close to nudity that has always been praised by artists. I believe that this color holds something personal, some kind of a secret of a person who wears it. Still being naturally neutral the color does not pop in the eyes, but rather steps back giving way to wearer's personality. 
Speaking of today's outfit it's about classics yet hot pieces of the off-season. It's a turtleneck, wide-leg trousers, court shoes and a bucket bag. Quite simple, relaxed in terms of color and lines, but still very elegantly alluring. And if turtleneck is about to be abandoned till better times, i.e. colder Autumn mornings, then the other pieces will no doubt find perfect place in a Summer wardrobe. Especially the bucket bag which aims to top the It-bags list of the season. 

Look of the Day:
Oasis turtleneck
Martinelli pants
Zara shoes
Atmosphere bag

Photo: T. Egorova