She grew up on a farm. Somewhere where soul meets nature. 

No it's not a story about me. I didn't grow up on the farm. I never came close to cows and horses or those huge, twice bigger than an average human, haystacks. Though I wouldn't mind such kind of scenario, for like, a day. As a kind of experience to find out whether I would be able to live an ordinary life of a farm girl...

A girl with sun kissed skin. A girl who is natural enough yet obstinate enough to jump on a horse and ride miles away. A girl who lives hand in hand with basics of the world - nature and animals. Farmer girl is an impersonation of a country style. Simplicity and comfort are the two words that do characterize country style. Daily hours long works around the farm require simplicity and comfort that is translated through implementation of such fabrics, as denim, leather and suede, plus natural cotton and linen. Country style is famous for ingenious combinations of fabrics mentioned above, as well as turning cowboy-like boots into 'these boots are made for walking in the streets' and taking cowboy-like straw hats over to our fashionable wardrobes.

Lets be honest, despite being quite simple, country style is very dynamic, just like the image of a country, farm, girl. Even though those farms have long been abandoned for the sake of ordinary fats in the center of the city, or outside city homes, and even though girls have long switched those horses to metallic options, aka cars and bikes, strive for adventures forces us to reveal those inner country girls, who still live somewhere deep deep inside. Otherwise, how would you explain this country style mania that keeps covering us like sea waves from time to time?   

In terms of today's outfit I keep revealing my inner country girl. So the modern country girl from the streets of Jelgava is gone giving way to farmer's daughter. Her two braids are still in place. Just like the cowboy boots, because these are "Oh!" so comfortable to walk miles in. But she did abandon those skinny jeans and plaid shirt in favor of a denim dress and suede shirt dress a la coat. Who said you can't wear two dresses at the same time? Sure you can, just turn one of them into an outerwear piece. As simple as that! Being the daughter of a farmer she prefers dresses, because, at the end of the day, she's a lady. But don't get mistake by thinking that this girl can't jump on a horse and ride it. Sure she can.

Look of the Day:
iCe dress shirt
Diesel dress 
Buffalo London boots

Photo: T. Egorova