Take your oak crown, we're stepping into Līgo night! 

Prior diving into the writing process of the latest two stories about Līgo, the inspiration and today's outfit ones, I dedicated some time to refreshing my memory on the main points of Līgo celebrations. The kind of memories that remained in my head since like school years. Despite the fact that something like chemistry and physics vanished out of my head (well, I've never been that thrilled by such subjects but rather was a literature/culture/history/languages kind of mind), the Latvian literature and culture pieces of information still remain fresh.

What I came across while my memory refreshment session, was the thought that Līgo in Latvia is as important as the New Year's Eve in Russia. And this is undoubtedly true. Russians can't imagine their lives without New Year celebrations - it's always big, it's always like the first time, it's always like it's your last time. The same kind of scenario happens with Līgo. Latvians prepare for it and it's always tempestuous. Lots of delicious food, lots of dancing and lots of fun. The biggest difference between the two - seasonality. And the cultural kind of thing. The scale of the two events, in my personal opinion, still is utterly the same. Plus this year the Līgo weekend got even longer - good 5 days! Would be fair enough to say that we got pretty close to Russia's New Year (almost 2 weeks long) holiday plan. Something like a point-of-parity (excuse my fashion business vocabulary) between the neighbouring countries is sensed. And don't even try to bring me over, Latvians and Russians love long lasting and massive celebrations. Full stop.

Now let me move towards the outfit of today. If you remember in my DIY series, to be precise it was the very first 'Do It Yourself' story, I shared my little experience on how to make a Sakta necklace on your own. You can check the tutorial once again right HERE. Today's outfit is a sort of an example and answer on how to use such a self-made accessory in real life. I mean how to implement such an accessory in your daily, in this case casual, outfits. You don't need a full set of Latvian folk costume to make the Sakta necklace work. Just coordinate it with matching pieces, for example, silver jewelry or even amber pieces, and the modern Sakta will look cool on absolutely casual background of white tee and skinny pants (leather ones or blue jeans).

A little note is required here, as I used a plaid vest to match my Sakta necklace. Therefore, I expanded my folk costume inspired combination to celebrate the upcoming Līgo night. It doesn't mean that two is better than one, but in case your plan is about revealing an inner, and pretty modern, Tautu Meita (Eng. 'People's Daughter'), it'll be interesting to mix and match different parts of Latvian folk costume with modern pieces. Not quite sure how to succeed in it? Then learn all about my Tautu Meita series: Latvian Folk Costume, Tautu Meita of a New Generation and Pūt, Vējiņi!. Plus check out the selection of Latvian folk costume inspired pieces HERE that will surely help you to embrace the image of a modern Latvian fashion-girl. Off we go into Līgo night!

Look of the Day:
Unknown plaid vest 
H&M top 
Seppala pants 
Zara shoes 
Sinsay bag 

Photo: T. Egorova