"Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air..."

Says the quote of an American 19th century poet - Ralph Waldo Emerson. A saying that from now will be associated with a fashion "made in Lithuania" brand. A Lithuanian label with pretty summer-y and exotic name - siLversands.

Probably not that many of you have heard about the brand yet. So let's have an insight into its history and essence. siLversands is a relatively young brand that was born right by the Baltic sea in a little, but beautiful country of Lithuania. You might start wondering now if the name of the brand has something to do with Silversands beach located in Barbados. Yes, it does. The idea, the brand itself, its DNA and essence (if we use fashion business vocabulary) - everything is inspired by Barbados' beach of the same name.

Unique culture, nature's beauty, endless beaches, sea and ocean, shortly a secret paradise of Barbados filled with colorful butterflies, friendly chameleons and massive mangroves, it all has been encrypted in Lithuanian brand's DNA and translated by means of every single produced piece of clothing.
To sum up the description above and develop it just a tiny bit, Lithuanian siLversands is about bringing paradise and exotics to our urban life. It's all about bringing some fantasy to our pretty much ordinary and urban wardrobes. "Open the wardrobe and get excited when silver sand is pouring of there"... and stay free I would add from my side.

Moving on to the range of siLversands, I would characterize it as quite a lifestyle brand. Despite the fact that within the fashion business industry lifestyle means a wider specialization, i.e. when brand extends beyond its core product category. In these terms siLversands still stays loyal to its roots - apparel. There's no single doubt from my side that in the future we'll witness various extensions of this "made in Lithuania" brand, but it's all about future.

What am I trying to say using the 'lifestyle' word is that siLversands' offering appeals to our urban life on 24/7 basis. Should I convince you with words that you, a female with an absolutely unique sense of style, will definitely find a lot of interesting stuff for yourself within the brand's exotically-urban offering? Are you the one who prefers business style with a little twist or just loves to add a bit of masculine touch to your looks? Or are you a romantic kind of character with a ballerina soul? You might also be a modern fashion intellectual, who stands for mixing and matching different brands (especially the Baltic ones) together and travels around the city on her hipster-much bike or skate board... These three totally contrasting personalities have something in common - love towards siLversands. And the gallery of siLversands' friends can be extended beyond the three... 

For your fashion note. In Latvia siLversands is officially represented at Katana Boutique - a concept store - located in Riga and Jurmala. The boutique does represent around 30 designer brands from different sides of the world all of which complement to the general idea of the concept store - to create a special lifestyle for Katana Boutique's clients. An unforgettable adventure is waiting for you in one of these designer-full stores with monochrome interiors.

P. S. To finish off we would like to thank Katana Boutique's team for support provided throughout the project. All the clothes and accessories marked with 'via Katana Boutique' can be found in their concept stores around Riga (Barona street 14/Elizabetes street) and Jurmala (Jomas street 44).

Look 1: Baiba Ladiga earrings (via Katana Boutique) | Tagil top (via Katana Boutique) | siLversands geyser skirt (via Katana Boutique) | Converse shoes

Look 2: siLversands frenchkiss shirt (via Katana Boutique) | siLversands geyser pants (via Katana Boutique) | Trevira tie | Bakers shoes | M.A.C. lipstick

Look 3: Veretteno crown | siLversands astraqaLe dress (via Katana Boutique) | Yayoi bracelet (via Katana Boutique) | H&M shoes

Photo: T. Egorova