Baltic temperance, Italian fashion and light brunch come together on one early Spring-ful morning. 

That's how you can summarize the presentation of a truly Italian label Atos Lombardini that took place in late May in one of the most popular places across Riga, the place that has an astonishing view over Daugava river and left bank of the city, in couple of words. Very Summer-y atmosphere and bombastic colors, which Italians, and not only, adore so much, left a pretty interesting aftertaste of this brand.

For a note. Lombardini Group that owns such labels as Atos Lombardini and Violet (a so-called sub-brand, the more younger line) was founded in 1986 by Atos Lombardini, yes that's right, it's a common thing in the fashion industry when labels "inherit" the name of the founder, and his wife Silvana. Something that started in Italian city of Bologna soon reached the level of an international business. And this business, Lombardini Group, is a truly family kind of business. Italians are widely known for running family businesses, I guess such a scheme is encrypted in their DNA. Two daughters of Lombardini's stepped on a ship ruled by their parents back in 1990's. Today Lombardini sisters can proudly be called navigators of this family ship, as they do overlook production, sales operations, relationships with markets and media, as well as the design process itself.

"Made in Italy" is the main slogan of the company. And a business card. And, of course, a mark of high quality. I think there's no need to dig inside the topic of "made in Italy" and quality relationship, it's too obvious. If no, then this relationship is going to be a topic of a new talk. Or rather, story. Atos Lombardini label is made for women, and young ladies, who are looking for both fashion trends and garment's quality.
By the way, Atos Lombardini didn't enter Latvian market on its own, but rather , as it is used here, with the help of partners-representatives. And the representative is a company DI MODA, which actually is also run by a family, as it is headed by Irina and Julia Dolgov. What a coincidence! A family business decided to tie business bonds with another one. A success recipe? Only future will show.

Just a couple of words on what I did discover during the presentation, so to finish off. Bright, lively colors conquered my mind, just like favorite black and white combinations. Footwear, both pairs by the way are included in this lookbook of Atos Lombardini that I'm sharing with you today, left the boldest and metallic-full impressions. And about lookbook. You can find it in full at the official page of the Italian brand. I, in turn, selected those combinations that stole my attention - it's beloved black and white combo skilfully upgraded by Spring-y prints and almost 'total blue' tandem, a so-called Baltic wave. As well as more casual ones, like, for example, a black and white couple of shirt-trousers complemented by juicy orange accessories. Simple lines and nothing tricky. Only twists that can be found in nearly every single piece. Well, looks like calm Baltic Summer is going to be really colorful!

Photo: SMART CAT Marketing Communications