Ultimate fashion dinner with L'Officiel Latvia.

The moment when I can finally share with you the diary (I mean visuals) and everything I experienced at the dinner organized by L'Officiel Latvia magazine. The dinner-presentation in honor of the new issue of Gourmand Guide magazine - a one stop guide, mainly for tourists, though I bet locals will also discover something new while looking through it, for the best of local restaurants, cafes, bars and much more. So if you are on a gourmand hunt, the new Gourmand Guide is fresh and just from the "oven". The dinner. Am seriously still overwhelmed with emotions, and I'm not even kidding or something, as it deserved to be named one of the best events in Riga this year. Of course in my opinion. There're just a couple of things that made it so freaking special, so let me speak about it now.

Eastern, i. e. Azerbaijani, vibes and fresh juices (by Philips). The two can easily be used to describe me. Is there a point to repeat one of the latest stories, where I spoke up about my crush on East and its treasures? Though I haven't spoken about Eastern food yet. No matter what exact cuisine it is - Indian, Lebanese, Thai, Azerbaijani - it's a trip to paradise for my belly. So L'Officiel Latvia team took us to an Azerbaijani paradise - the BAKU restaurant. My inner Eastern diva says that interior adds up to your overall impression of the restaurant a lot and turns your Azerbaijani cuisine adventure to a very pleasant one. So my Eastern soul relatives, and not only, I highly recommend you to go investigate this place.
Now one more freakishness from me. If you have freshly squeezed juices on your menu, especially in unknown to me combinations, you already have my heart. Banana, orange, strawberries - one of it or all together - should be on your juice list to satisfy me.Yes, Banana Man located in Spitalfields Market, London, United Kingdom, (wondering if it's still there though?) I still remember our freshly squeezed 'Banana Orange Strawberries, please' juice times together. But speaking of the juices from L'Officiel Latvia dinner, have to admit it was a pretty serious piece of fresh juice art!

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard or come across Lithuanian VMG team? If your answer is yes, then you have just revealed the secret why the evening with L'Officiel Latvia team was so SO special. The team of dessert making gods has so far traveled around Europe, from Moscow to London and so on, with their outstanding shows that include the magic created by hands, light, music, nitrogen fumes (that set a bit of mystery, as if these guys are a sort of illusionists) and lots of amused eyes watching every single move they make. The guys who once performed in front of Sir Richard Branson, found their way to hearts or Riga people. Well, they did conquer my heart for sure. The show, the dessert and the nitrogen fumes made me melt, literally.
And it wouldn't be an ultimate fashion dinner without a fashion show. The runway of the night was rocked by gorgeous knitted pieces by Latvian label MA'LAMA KNIT. And again, if you've been on a fashion hunt for some good looking, fashionable and most importantly high quality knits (also mixed with light fabrics), then you are welcome to research the new collection. The collection, by the way, happened to be pretty wide and varied, as a lot, I mean a lot, has been presented.

To finish off, allow me to spill a couple of words about my look of the night, as it was something quite special. As I knew the dinner is going to be held in an Azerbaijani restaurant, I decided to challenge my Eastern diva. I decided to go for something simple and minimalistic both in terms of shapes, style and color - so that's how the white and black killer combination of Esprit evening dress and H&M blazer was born. Speaking of my Eastern diva, it's the head crown and hand harness, both my fashion finds of the season from H&M, that turned my look for 360 degrees. Because you know, devil is in the details...

Photo: Paul Ank