Upgrading classics with a pair of mule shoes. 

Guess who finally discovered the magic and comfort of mule shoes. Some thing definitely take time for me. To get discovered, to get used to and simply to get a go for. It was just a year ago when I started noticing the rise of mule-s. Knowing the fact that it's of an utmost importance to me to have straps when it comes to open heeled, or wedged, sandals I decided back then even not to try a pair of mule heels on. And it was, probably, one of my biggest mistakes so far.

Why am I so concerned about having straps attached to heeled sandals? Because it's all about stability and comfort. But it also takes to find that good pair of heeled sandals with straps in which I feel totally safe, or put it comfortable, as in some cases a shoe can easily slip off. No one wants to have a slip off shoe moment that can result in a dramatic fall, right? So when it comes to heels, it's all about double stability and ability to walk without any arriere-pensee that I can fall and break my feet at any time.

So having looked through loads of images with mule shoes involved outfits I started wondering if it's that much comfortable for fashionistas to walk around in such slip on heels. As usual my wonder caused me to go and try it out to finally make sure it's not my kind of shoe-sies. Well, no need to spend words in order to describe what happened when my feet slipped in a pair of mule shoes. The only thing I should state one more time, it's about finding your perfect pair. Just remember the Cinderella story. It says it all.

Speaking about in which sort of outfit combinations one can use a pair of mule-s. I would say it depends on a style. Both style of your outfit and style of mule shoes. Street style stars from all over the world have proved that it's a totally practical pair of heeled shoes that can be worn with absolutely every outfit you can imagine. To have a first go I decided to pair my animalistic print mule heels with classics, just to remain on the safe side. Actually, no. It's been quite some time since I've desperately wanted to wear my Miu Miu blazer again. So I considered that pairing the two together will be a great idea. A bit more of my favorites, I mean the bag and the trousers that I did roll up, and here we go!

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Photo: T. Egorova