Kicking official Summer off with the hottest personal wardrobe staples. 

First of all, ALOHA Summer! Although it still might be rainy, windy, cloudy and whatever else outside, we can't deny the fact that we finally reached the point of no return. Tomorrow or in a week, or from time to time, but sunny days are going to please us, so make sure to have your favorite season pieces by the hand. 
What is a seasonal wardrobe? To me it's a perfect combination of own beloved pieces, or the ones you personally prefer regarding anything, all time classics, put it basics if you want, and seasonal trends. Equally balanced or no it's a matter of own choice. Though having all three is what I highly recommend. It's not simply practical, but also turns to be interesting to mix and match different styles together.
And now, I guess, it's a very high time to jump on our virtual tour around my Summer details that are based on both, totally new and good old, pieces. We're taking off!

Bold Colors

Bright, lively colors are perfect for Summer. After more than half a year of darkness and all black everything it's finally the period when dropping one or more colors is more than suitable. It's necessary in order to match the greenery of nature and blueness of the sky.

Print Game

Prints are never boring, especially when it comes to the game of sun rays. Some fire bird, funny or simply animal prints will always be a good idea. Just like the contrasting colors within the print. Mixing several contrasting prints in one outfit are still cool as well. 

Chinese Vibes

Chinese pieces have long conquered a special place in my wardrobe and in my heart. The majesty of Chinese culture and a special kind of style are still one of my favorite research topics. Plus, it's been exactly two years since the power red Qipao turned me into Princess of China. Have just added something new to my collection and am already thinking over the new series of Princess of China story...

East Coast - South Coast

Just like the Chinese vibes, a combination of Eastern and Southern pieces have been forming a special segment of its own within my wardrobe. Thai silk wrap, beautifully embroidered skirt in Pakistani-Indian style (is not featured here today, but is coming soon straight on me), shoes I brought from Egypt centuries ago and many many accessories inspired by those distant countries - say it all about my, maybe unusual for an Eastern European country, collection .

Red Details and A Bit of Country Style

Matching red color with country style. Who said it's unmatchable? It is. Even when you casually drop a flower-y headband (natural or artificial) over your favorite straw hat and pair it up with something like red flares or simplest country style top with some matching florals involved. 

Florals Meet Pink

Florals. Florals are always in when it comes to Spring/Summer season. It's like a blossoming garden all over your outfit. A naturally blossoming garden. A bit, or a lot, of pink color involved adds sweetness, girly-ness, Summer-ness and, of course, a lot of happiness!

Photo: A. Puzova