How to organize make-up pieces with style and most habitual things. 

That's the question, I would say to add a bit of drama and mystery. But I guess it's never been a secret to any of us that you can use nearly every single piece of interior decor (and not only) you have at home to store beauty pieces and brush sets. 
Candle jars (of course candle should be used by the moment), plates and trays, cookie jars, glasses and mugs, set of plastic desk organizers (the ones you might currently be using) and so on. The list can easily be expanded. Moreover, taking into consideration the ongoing rise of DIY there are so many cool, stylish, worth-to-copy ideas all over the Internet and in your head! You can finally let your creativity fly on its own and create a beauty storage set that matches your very own style!
Today's 'Beauty Talk' is all about inspiration and interesting ideas you can take for a note. Pieces you surely do own already or might consider to get now. 

Cake Stand

In case you are on a diet, I mean on the way to get that perfect beach body, and all the cakes, cheesecakes, cupcakes, ALL the delicious stuff is under strict NO-NO, you still can use that cute, delicious, simply minimalistic cake stand to store favorite beauty products and perfumes. You also can upgrade your beauty stand by placing two (or more) cake stands of different sizes on top of each other!


Not really a fan of breakfasting in bed? I actually doubt if there's one, but who knows. Having a couple of spare eye-catchy trays and have no idea how to use it? Make-up pieces and even accessories, or both together - are the answer. The most stylish way to store beauty products you use on daily basis. And it's so super easy to walk around the place with such a tray, in case you are in a rush and are undertaking a couple of tasks at a time. 

Candle Jars

Luxury candle jars as perfect storage tools for brush sets and small make-up items, like pencils. No need to throw away a really cool candle jar. And no need to regret buying quite a highly priced candle. A very recyclable state of mind. Every fashionista does it, you know.  


Seems to me that plastic office organizer sets were originally made for storing make-up. Looks very convenient and alluring. If the plastic is transparent and you can see every single piece without spending hours looking for what you need, it only adds charm to such a set, and dozen of advantages. Probably the most minimalistic and practical touch you can give to organizing own beauty pieces.