Shiny textures for the dawn of June. 

Summer season stepped in my life with a lot of new stuff. Quite unexpected and not really planned changes happened. The changes that touched, I guess, absolutely every single aspect of life, starting from looks, i.e. style of course, and finishing off with goals and even my baby Practical Queen AP. I wouldn't dare to call it all a kind of a rebirth, but rather a new breath of fresh air so to say.

Let me start off with the most obvious change that could easily be spotted by those of you, who were familiar with Practical Queen AP before June broke in. Excuse my digital and design freak, but I can't help but share it all. You might remember that some time ago in one of those uber special stories, Practical Queen AP Turns 4, I said a couple of words on the updates I was planning within the design of the blog. All I said back then was nothing but truth. But as they say, plans are nothing, while planning is everything, so small updates turned into bigger ones. If not to say global. Having always paid a huge amount of attention to design and its user-friendliness, I think I have finally found the one that meets my idea, is very user-friendly at all terms and still sticks to the essence of this digital girl. Let me say even more, it sticks very well to one of my main goals - to turn the blog into an online lifestyle magazine for everything fashion, style, beauty and inspiration.

The second portion of changes faced my style as I began to develop it in several not quite familiar to me directions. One of these directions include pieces that I thought have long been left aside, somewhere in my childhood. Am not going to reveal all these pieces yet, though one you have already seem me sporting (the power red dungarees). The other piece is basically the center figure of today's outfit combination. The fannypack, sometimes also referred as a bum bag. It's been just a year or half a year ago that I still considered it to be quite an old-fashioned thing. Time went by and months later I was on a hunt for one. I came across this one at Sinsay store, which by the way also came as a new discovery, at least, in case with accessories. The shiny texture of it got me going and days later I could be seen sporting it in the streets of a little Eastern European city of Riga. A modern urban girl came into action after I mixed the fannypack with black basics, jacket in little shiny texture and ankle strap heeled sandals. Summertime city, are you ready to shine?      

Look of the Day:
CLARINA jacket 
Reserved top 
Forever21 shorts 

Photo: T. Egorova