Baltic classics of Spring to Summer transitions. 

Period when boots are finally replaced by an elegant pair of court shoes. Meanwhile, a piece of an outerwear shouldn't yet been removed from the list of daily outfits. Especially, if you leave home quite early in the morning or come back quite late at night. The transition period of Spring to a more Summer-y weather and state of mind did take over the reign and have already shown some signs that it might wave a goodbye quite soon. At least, that's what the weekend seemed to show.

That's the kind of a picture we could lately see in the streets of Riga, and maybe not only, throughout the day with office ladies strolling in a pair of heels or flats on their feet and a trench coat over the shoulders. Now here comes a very contradictory moment. You see a lady walking along the street or simply waiting for a green traffic light in order to cross the road all wrapped up in a trench coat and right next to her you see a man with only a shirt on. Note that in the sentence above I'm speaking in more figurative way about genders, as the same picture could be seen with a man wearing a jacket and a girl wearing a casual dress with short sleeves, and the examples go on.

What I am trying to center on is the fact that such a transition period we are experiencing at the moment is the time when you can't clearly determine if it's the end of Spring or already a Summer season. The period when you yourself can't really decide if it's warm enough to abandon outerwear or is it better to put on something warmer. The phrase once written by Shakespeare - "To be or not to be?" - is very suitable in this case.

Meanwhile, in order to maintain an elegant and partially formal look it'll be a good idea to have a trench coat by the hand. Don't worry, very soon it will be replaced by a blazer. In case you are tired of a one tone pencil skirt and your company's dress code, if there is such, allows something less formal, then go for a classic tartan pattern. It's neither too formal nor too creative, but still holds a twist. Add a matching color bag and no one will ever reproach you of looking too office-like or too fashion-oriented. No one really said you can't have a dress code of your own, right?

Look of the Day:
Vaide skirt 
Zara heels

Photo: T. Egorova