5 types of bags for a perfect Summer. 

What's inside the bag matters. Well, the bag itself matters even more. Simply because it can either set your overall look to new heights or ruin it badly.
It doesn't matter if a bag serves as a kind of an accessory within your evening or, let's say, Oscar's red carpet look, or it serves as a storage for all your essential pieces, gadgets and so on while you are on the go throughout the day. It doesn't even matter if your are going to spend this Summer somewhere by the sea enjoying strong rays of sun or you are going on an adventure somewhere in a jungle, or a more civilized city. The bag is essential in every single mentioned, and not yet mentioned, above case.
So let's have a look at 5 coolest bags to sport throughout this Summer season. So #summerready?

Inside the Bucket

Bucket Bags

A bucket bag is one of those must-have bags of the season. It's pretty spacious, it's comfortable and it's suitable for every occasion be it a stroll with your puppy, lunch out with friends, a fashion event or a casual Summer party. In other words, there's one for everybody.

Back Up


Backpack. A bag for a real adventurer. Are you going up in the mountains or walk all the way the Great Wall of China? Arm yourself with a backpack. Are you a skater girl or a bicycle-girl? Then there's nothing better to free your hand and just enjoy a ride! What? Just a simple city girl? No one said you can't have one that can bring a twist to our street style.

Waist It Up


Well, well, well. Fannypacks, bum bags, waist bags are having a moment right now. A re-birth moment. Or a big comeback moment. Basically, it's as practical and convenient type of a bag as a backpack. The only two things that set it apart - it's much smaller than a backpack, a so-called mini bag, and it's placed rather around the waist than back and shoulders. 

Cross the Shoulder, Cross the Body

Shoulder bag

Cross body bags and shoulder bags are pure classics. Elegant, casual, creative, quite spacious, super mini and the list goes on. Basically, there's nothing much to be said about this type of a bag, because every single woman out there knows the power of a cross body 'n' shoulder bag.


Clutch bags

Clutches have long lost, so to say, their night out or evening gown mission. You can add the chic-est clutch to your very casual blue jeans and white tee outfit, which in turn will totally upgrade it from a simple, ordinary tandem to a street style cool one. Still an eye-catchy clutch will easily turn you into a dance floor star.