5 hottest footwear styles for Summer season.

As Marcel Achard, French playwright and screenwriter, once said that a good bed and comfortable shoes are basically the most important things in life. Simply because we spend all our lives either in bed or in shoes. As to me a very good thought that reflects the importance of footwear itself and its convenience. We all know that a comfortable pair of shoes will not only have a pleasant effect on our feet, but will also contribute to our overall condition.
If in Autumn/Winter season footwear is all about protection from cold, in Spring/Summer it's goal is to show off itself and beautiful feet of its owner. Still let's not forget about the primary protection and comfort, as it comes in first place. So footwear of the Summer season, what is it like? Very diverse. From flat shoes - flats, sandals, slip-ons, loafers - to heeled ones - elegant court heels, mules, platforms. In one word, style range is wide, color and print range is even wider. 
In all this endless range of coolest Summer footwear piece I've selected the 5 most catchy styles you definitely have to try. Make a choice and take a step!

Slip in, slip out

Slip on sandals

Slip-on sandals are just a Summer heaven on Earth! Light, easy to put on or off with just one move - you simply slip your feet in and then slip it out - and the most important moment for every fashionista out there, it's on the fashion list this season. So it's not only about beach or a swimming pool situation, it's all about street style!

Mule around

Mule Shoes

Mule shoes are something similar to slip-on sandals, but with quite a high heel. Heel can also be replaced by wedge. Basically, it's an ordinary pair of heeled sandals but without straps at the back side of feet. It's been around for some time now and so far has proved itself as a very fashionable piece of footwear that can equally be worn with a feminine outfit (skirt or dress) and masculine or asexual ones (oversized sweater and wide-leg pants). A very Summer elegance it is.

Platform height

Platform Shoes

I would highly suggest platform sandals to those ladies, who really want to improve their natural height. Heel + platform combination will add you much more centimeters than heel or wedge alone. Anyway, it doesn't matter if you are naturally quite height or are using heels to add a bit, platform sandals are here to stay for the following 3 months. 

Lace up

Lace Up Shoes

Lace up shoes are something you should consider owning. First of all, lace up is a very fashion element of this Spring/Summer season as it comes straight from clothes on to shoes. Secondly, it's all about lacing it up no matter if it's a pair of heeled or flat sandals. It's all about imitating how long it takes you to get ready...

Pointed perfection

Pointed Shoes

Going low as Evelina Khromtchenko loves to say. Flats are not going away at any terms. Nor does pointed toe that has been seen in a combination with flats for a good number of seasons now. Flats with pointed toe, loafers with pointed toe, flat mules with pointed toe and the list goes on. Flat rise shoes with pointed toe are a killer combination for your most daring Summer outfits!