Return of a lips-full dress. 

A dress that has been with me nearly for ages. Three summer seasons in a row is pretty much if we take into consideration the fast pace of all time coming, going, changing and fading fashion trends. An interesting moment comes in action as the Alain Manoukian dress was worn by me only few times, while made it to Practical Queen AP only once - last Summer.

A Thousand Kisses story was the first and basically the only time until today when the Alain Manoukian lips print dress was featured on the blog. Can I say it please? Dear Lord, what a change did one year bring to me! And here I'm talking both about my looks and writing skills. The person I see in those photos is so different from the one of today's. A totally different state of mind can be spotted coming from the inside. It's not like I never go back to photos from years and months ago, I do and find most of them unpublished yet really cool to be left aside, so from time to time I keep bombarding my Instagram and Facebook with #throwbacks. Yet you don't really realize changes until the same kind of look or outfit comes your way. Just like it happened to me with the lips-ey dress.

Can't escape but throw some words regarding my writing skills. As this topic has been expanding over this past year or more. I still hold the same flow of thoughts over practicality and the rest. The thing that made me kind of laugh at my own self is the way I was expressing those thoughts. It seems to me that my style of writing have changed over this year, in a much better way I think. Getting rid of all the word counts, aka limits, fear of being misunderstood and simply opening my box, aka head, to the world seem to be a good move since I like writing and you guys like reading my writings. So more stories and developed writing skills! That's what we are voting for, aren't we?

My flow of thoughts tells me quietly it's time to go back to the dress thing. Alain Manoukian dress covered with lips. Lips prints and details are still on, though it's not as hot as it used to be a year or two ago. Still it's quite funny and Summer-y, don't you think? You can walk along the street and send kisses to every single person without actually doing anything. Because your lips-ey piece, be it a dress or something else, will do it for you. As simple as that! Oh, and don't forget to add lots of yourself to such a combo, it was something a definitely missed on in A Thousand Kisses story last year.

Look of the Day:
Very Nice denim jacket 
Alain Manoukian dress 
Asos shoes 
H&M rings 

Photo: T. Egorova