Made in Latvian sarafan-transformer. 

Although Summer doesn't seem to please us, Latvians in first place and country's guests as well, with appropriate weather, I still consider sarafan a perfect piece for resort season. In case you are hearing the word 'sarafan' for the very first time, then there's how several sources are describing this piece of female wardrobe - it's a dress without sleeves that came to our modern wardrobes from folk costumes of Central and Eastern Europe. Basically, in today's terms sarafan is that exact sleeveless dress in pretty simple style, not as chic as an evening dress let's say, can also be loose fit rather than slinky.

If you are a kind of fashionista who manages to stay in touch with all fashion tendencies that occur within street style around the world, and especially in the leading fashion capitals like New York and London, then you are already applying those cool ways of mixing and matching a dress or sarafan, with such essential pieces of a modern female's wardrobe as a shirt, usually buttoned up till the very last button, a turtle neck, a tee, a pair of straight elegant pants or even a pair of denim, leather, suede skinnies, trending culottes and so on. Shoe advice needed much? White sneakers, bright wedges, classy court shoes, platform oxford-style shoes ( a la Stella McCartney ones), clogs, female brogues, pointed ballerinas and the list goes on and on.

We can discuss this theory for ages, but there's nothing better than to see such a sarafan-transformer in action. And not just a sarafan, but the one made by an emerging Latvian designer brand. A sarafan made by hands of Latvian designer and is straightaway granted a tag 'Made in Latvia'. Ava Garden is the second child of a young mother Anna Petrova (some can still refer her as Anna Zaitseva). Apart from being a mother of a 2-year old child, the graduate of Riga Technical University finds time to nurture her second child - own fashion label. Ava Garden. What sort of associations does this name provoke in your minds? To me it's something ethereal and fairytale-ish. Something simple yet not trivial at all.

Something like a capsule collection of sarafans Ava Garden has just launched. A collection of sarafan-transformers, as creator names them, made of denim and linen-silk fabrics. Pretty casual set of fabrics and so totally perfect for Summer no mater the weather, too hot or quite cold. What I also find interesting about this capsule collection is that every single sarafan is made according to measurements of a client. What does this mean? You place an order on a sarafan from Ava Garden's lookbook, provide necessary measurements and in one weeks time you'll already hold it in your own hands!

Well, speaking of the actual application of such a sarafan-dress. As I said above, there's no need anymore to worry that your favorite Ava Garden sarafan could be worn once or twice. Just think outside the box and release your imagination - it will take you out of your habitual shell. Just challenge different sides of own self by being a modern intellectual on a gloomy day by accompanying Ava Garden's sarafan with white shirt and white sneakers, and turning your resort lady on a sun-full Summer day by accompanying the same Ava Garden sarafan with some chic-y brights! Did I already mention color transformations that happen to this sarafan due to linen-silk fabric combination? The color can basically transform from light grey to dark blue. Pure magic!

Look 1
Ava Garden sarafan 
H&M shirt 
Very Nice denim jacket 
Converse shoes 
Piazza Italia bag 
H&M shades 

Look 2:
Ava Garden sarafan 
London Rebel wedges 
floral scarf via Humana Latvia

Photo: T. Egorova