A look from the inside... 

One of the best and most unique experiences in my entire life. Sincerely, was dreaming about getting both behind the scenes of such an exhibition and closer to Alexandre Vassiliev for a long, long time now. Literally, for ages. Dreams are meant to come true. Otherwise, what's the point of dreaming?
Have to start with saying that I was excited and afraid at the same time when I was entering the museum on my first day. What will it look like? What will I need to do, because I'm surely not a kind of person who knows how to sew those vintage gowns up? What will it be like to be around Alexandre Vassiliev in real life with no cameras on and no huge audience in front of him? There was probably only one thing I knew for sure - this experience is going to change a lot for me. So it did.

Confession is I couldn't imagine what a beautiful and utterly amazing an installation of a fashion exhibition process is. Exhausting as well. But this exhaustion is more than enjoyable. Nothing comes close touching upon history, fashion history. A dress by WORTH, a very first fashion house in history that was founded by Charles Frederick Worth (the father of Haute Couture himself), that dates back to 1915's, Dior's pair of shoes and hats dating back to 1960's, Elsa Schiaparelli's hat, Oscar de la Renta's dress from 1958 that has survived its creator now. Having a chance to touch each of those pieces, to hold it in your hands, to feel it is almost the same as getting to know one of those geniuses in person. Having a chance to touch it all with your finger tips is like touching upon eternity and history. A blessing not that many of us are granted these days.

Though my contribution to the exhibition was much less than of ladies who did take care of all those ball gowns (and who been by Alexandre's side for ages now), the only thing I did regarding it all was to sew up a bag to a dress. Yes, sewing was the main thing I was too concerned about when joining the installation process. Am not even talking about guys who were dealing with all the interior works. My work was basically divided between two tasks. First, unpacking all the boxes filled with endless number of jewelry, sunglasses, bag, shoes, hats, beauty pieces and the rest. Realized once again that details matter a lot and you definitely need to be a man so not to fall over all this beauty and use it in your daily life. Lots of those vintage pieces even from 1950's and 1930's can be applied to ones wardrobe today. Second, steaming. Well, not steaming but rather being an assistant in this process. Operating the steamer turned to be too risky for me, while stretching and holding fabrics of dresses was the exact thing I enjoyed. Having two most memorable dresses after it all in the face of Worth's, the one I talked about earlier, and Dior's red one that dates back to 1980's.

Now if someone told me several weeks ago that I'm going to meet the coolest Evelina Khromtchenko, one of the major fashion experts from Russia and a very influential personality on the world stage, while preparing this new exhibition of Alexandre Vassiliev and no where else but in Riga, I would definitely laugh out loud at this person's face. Even just a week ago it seemed too impossible. No, I knew I'm going to meet this person in real life some day, but I thought it will happen much later. What is she like in real life? Totally amazing and inspiring. Really a kind of a woman who totally made herself by means of tough work and ongoing self-development. Coming across one of your biggest role models who kind of pushed you towards investigating fashion journalism, the one who keeps making it to the BoF's 500, the list of people shaping the global fashion industry, seems more of a dream for a girl from a little Eastern European city of Riga. It is a little dream that came true. Can't help but mention that my knees were shaking like crazy when Evelina was there, exploring the exhibition. And have to say that she's such a typical girl, as she immediately ran towards the table with lots of shiny jewelry.

Speaking of Alexandre Vassiliev. You definitely won't be able to find a person who is as sweet, thankful, intelligent and flirty like 24/7 (well, don't know about 24/7, but most of the time for sure). He is just the same person you will see on TV or anywhere else in the street. And probably there's no other person who is doing such a great thing as Mr. Vassiliev is doing from day to day. Let's face it, there's no single person, at least in post-Soviet and even European area, who would posses that much knowledge regarding fashion and who would educate us by means of a flow of information and astonishing private exhibits. Did I mention the love he possess towards every single garment, as well as unique stories related to every single dress and accessory? In my opinion, if there's one person who deserves to stand in the hall of fame more than others, then this person is Alexandre Vassiliev. Yes, I have just officially declared my love towards the master. And it looks like in the photos above that fluids are mutual. But being serious, if it wasn't him years ago, I might have never stepped into the world of fashion. Alexandre Vassiliev opened that door to me back then. He and his team have just opened another one - to the exceptionally beautiful world of making history. Yes, this person also managed to somehow build a loyal and amazing team of people who are always ready to jump on a new adventure. The team that luckily keeps growing by getting young and aspiring individuals from, literally, all over the world...