Making transparency meet new heights. 

Well, hello my mind readers! Seems pretty unbelievable, but we are starting a new, fresh week again. I remember kicking a new Monday just yesterday in the White Disco in a Jungle story. But hey, full 7 days had gone since then. Feeling too puzzled as we are entering August stage in a bit more than 10 days.

My head is going rounds as I'm still trying to realize all the things that happened during the last two month period. So much great stuff starting with several projects we have already introduced and we are about to do so in the nearest weeks, then this outstanding experience of assembling Alexandre Vassiliev's exhibition and a chance to spend time with him, meet Evelina Khromtchenko and Zhanna Dubska, who was actually too sweet and attentive to somehow recognize me since the last time we met like a year ago.
Feeling too thankful for such a rush recently that didn't even give me a second to sit down and breathe it all out. Am kind of doing it now, if we can say so. A lot of intellectual, writing and planning work is on agenda now. Time to merge all the emotions and knowledge and produce some more magic.

But wait, I also wanted to share something more personal with you. My cousin-sister tied the knot this weekend! Sincerely, can't remember her being that happy ever before. And looking that over-gorgeous. I guess that's what they say that bridal gown turns you into Princess. It's kind of super special when someone you've known since like very first seconds is getting married, well, am not even speaking of the fact that a family moment involves a bunch of relatives from here and there coming over for such a day.
But let's leave the family thing aside. As the other thing I wanted to share is a new portion of Latvian secret paradise I had to discover. While the ceremony was held at the White Dune of Saulkrasti, a place with a picturesque view over Latvian coast, the main celebration took place in Kukšu muiža (Eng. Kukshu manor). Despite the fact us getting lost in the middle of a country road with no single sign of life around, we found the destination point. Ohh... should I describe all the beauty once again or should you just check my Instagram-report?

Latvian Summer... a very controversial season, though super hot and sunny days also happen here from time to time. And on such days nothing else but transparency and a pair of denim shorts can come for your own rescue. Just upgrade your Summer casualness with some interesting details, like bright wedges, crossbody bag made of rubber (a totally cool and funky item for the season) and even a hairstyle. Remember our Inspiration story on coolest and worth trying out hairstyle's of the season? See, such a braid is a great way to diversify your own hairstyle gallery and upgrade braid's weaving skills. Summer is still on and you have time to experiment with it all yet...

Look of the Day:
Kappahl top 
London Rebel wedges 
Piazza Italia bag 
Asos torque 
H&M rings 

Photo: T. Egorova