Diesel-ing around narrow streets of the Old Town. 

Taking advantage of sun rays falling over little, old and beautiful streets of the Old Riga. Even though I have nothing against modern architecture, sometimes it's a dose of fresh air in a city filled with lots of 'old school' buildings, nothing can really beat this historical-much atmosphere to me. Just imagine strolling through narrow and quiet streets of Riga's Old Town...

And coming across a friendly little furry creature. Oh, these small furry friends of ours. Cats and dogs. You know just two months ago I could easily say that my main favorites from the animal world are cats. Well, my quite old homey cat-partner will not lie, so it is. Secondly, back in those months the only animals that could come to me in the streets of any city were cats. Though something has really changed lately, as dogs also started reaching out to me. And it's not like I never liked dogs or had something against them. I adore these furry creatures as well. Moreover, one of my... let's call it a dream... so one of my little dreams since childhood is an English bulldog. Yes, the one that is uber adorable when it's a puppy, but with time turns into a fat-ty, clumsy grown-up. And cause a lot of... a lot of stuff. And there's no clear explanation why am I so obsessed with English bulldogs, it's just a dog-love that emerged from the very first sight back in many, many years ago. Anyways, finishing off a dog-talk, these little furry friends are the ones who love striking a pose and photo-bombing.

Speaking of the outfit, it's probably worth to catch up on two major Summer topics in terms of fashion, the ones I have talked about quite a lot I guess. First, denim and more precise - denim sarafan-dress. The one that is as casual as this Diesel pieces that can be worn both with casual, sport-y or chic-y stuff. Or all of it at the very same time. Second, yellow or in my case - orange as the color of Summer season. I have so far talked in-depth about my preference of orange color rather than yellow one, which is the color of the season. My good old juicy-orange lace jacket is nothing more but a huge support of my color theory (those of you who read the Juice Me Up story, know what am I talking about). And just look at this denim dress - lace jacket combo over-filled with contrasts. Contrasts starting with color and fabrics, and ending up with contrary styles. Oh, and let me just wrap today's story with a quick talk about a hairstyle that is a sort of 'giving a go for an alternative to straight hair', not something new in general and in my case, I've been using such a "light hairstyle" almost for ever, but still it's a great time to be utilizing it more often. 

Look of the Day:
Asos jacket 
Diesel dress 
Converse shoes 
Piazza Italia bag 
H&M rings

Photo: T. Egorova