Black and white simplicity by Swedish mass market giant. 

I shall start with a prelude and say that I don't go for a total brand, or mono brand, looks that often, unless it's a special project-collaboration with a certain brand. Which this story is totally not. It was rather my own move to got for an almost total (except for shoes, backpack and torque) H&M combination to attend the presentation of H&M Studio A/W 2015 collection. What an experience it was, guys! A very first time at H&M Latvia head office that is located right at the heart of Riga city - in the Old Town. Can't escape but throw a word that when entering their office you just sense this feeling of fashion business in action.

As we kind of stepped in my personal attitude and relationship with this Swedish brand, I'll try to expand more on a topic why did I go for mixing and matching different H&M pieces in one look, as there's a strong connection between the two. So an H&M combination was a sort of personal tribute, put it a respect if you want, towards the Swedish giant. A tribute, firstly, because it's one of those high street labels that I feel comfortable with. You can always count on the brand as it has quite a lot to offer - from simply H&M or DIVIDED lines to Conscious and Studio ones. So there's something for every pocket. You can easily get a sweater or a top for like several Euros that can last you for a season and will perfectly complement your seasonal wardrobe, you can also get a piece from Conscious Collection that will serve you for a good time, plus its fabric is meant to be recyclable so you'll eventually find yourself being a supporter of a good initiative and show your attitude towards one of the most discussed topics within the fashion industry these days - i. e. sustainability.

Secondly, I posses a double respect towards the Swedish label because it's having an ultimate success in Latvian market. I mean they satisfy the needs and wants of locals like no one else. Let's face it, have you ever been that excited about buying something from Bik Bok or Cubus, especially on sales? Does anyone in Latvia actually remember those two stores? I do vaguely now, but I still do have a top from Cubus I got like 2 or 3 years ago right before they did shut the doors of their Riga stores, but it's one of those rare pieces. Going back to H&M I'll repeat myself once again and say that they have pieces for every pocket with different price-quality relationships. If it's not a success for Latvian market, then the right word for this hasn't yet been invented. But going back to total looks and especially mine one. It doesn't look gross or too much when you have an all H&M everything. Like here you see sporty pants in crushed velvet I got back in my Londoner life days and a blazer I got for like half-price during their seasonal promotion (I think both were from H&M St. Paul's store, really loved that one as it's less of tourist reach and quite close to my Spitalfields neighborhood), while the accessories are of this year's collections and the top is basically a DIVIDED collection. And who wouldn't mind mixing, let's say, H&M pants with Miu Miu blazer or Swedish brand's top with a new pair of Calvin Klein shorts, huh?

Well, enough with H&M talks. I still have a lot to say, but will stretch it among other stories. We'll still have a lot of them since their pieces will pop up here and there all the time. It's about time to spill several sentences on the outfit itself. You know what I noticed recently, black and white color combinations and simplicity with a twist is what I tend to go for when it comes to events. The same kind of formula is applied to my look for L'Officiel Latvia dinner. Besides being one of my most favorite color combinations, black and white seems classy yet it's a perfect coordinator that is able to emphasize your appearance and personality at the same time. Still there's a point that sets it apart from an elegant evening combination I had for L'Officiel Latvia event - the H&M look is of such an urbanistically modern sports casual style with a chic-y twist. Something you should consider trying if you haven't done it so far... 

Look of the Day:
H&M blazer 
H&M crop top 
H&M jogger pants 
Asos shoes 
Jenny Fairy backpack 
Asos torque 
H&M rings 

Photo: T. Egorova