4 nail color ideas to rock during the end of Summer. 

When it comes to Summer season nail polish becomes one of the biggest obsession of ladies from around the world. 
Casual one tone manicure, color combinations, serious or funny nail art - that's the choice we have to make every single time. I tough choice at times, because eventually it should complement an overall appearance rather than provoking too much contrast. Well, as they say, every rule has an exception of its own and a contrasting nail color can be a pro rather than con.
But let's leave long talks aside and swing into the 4 nail color ideas you should definitely give a go in the last stage of Summer.

Summer Brights

Bright colors are a huge synonym of Summer. Summer is a blast of bold, popping, lively colors. While yellow and blue are the main fashion colors of the season and you might be transferring it straight from clothes and details straight on your nails, you can also give a go to something like pink, purple, power red or green-ish. 

Metallic Shine

Metallics and primary silver are a huge obsession of the season, when it comes to my own choice. Taking into consideration the fact that metallics are back in fashion thanks to 1970's vibes and especially disco style, we can't get over using it on our nails now. Besides silver there's quite a room to choose from other metallics, like gold, blue, green and other colors having this effect.

Snow Whites

Whites in a combination with sun kissed skin is always a huge YES during Summer. So, if your skin is already toned enough don't forget to rock a bit of white on your nails. Being still fair skinned shouldn't stop you from adding white as well. White is always a good idea, that's the thing.

Classic Nudes

Classics are forever. Nude nail shades are always a win-win situation. It will suit no matter the style of your overall appearance. So if manicure is not something you want to stand out with, then go for this classics. Simple, but with a twist, as they say.