SCARFing through summer. 

Scarf is an indispensable fashion accessory. Every fashionista from Olivia Palermo to Mira Duma and Leandra Medine of Man Repeller knows the power of a scarf.
Mastering the scarf thing is pretty easy. Just like learning how to cook an omelet - you keep repeating it over and over again, adding ingredients to find that perfect taste of yours. Same thing is applied to scarves, you don't cook it on a pan, you simply tie and tie it all over again, try different ways how to apply it to, let's say, your hair and then... you become the master of scarf tying! But seriously, you just keep researching the ways how to apply scarves, there's an endless list actually, and learn how to upgrade outfits of yours with such a statement piece of accessory. For your fashion note, a skill of scarf tying can be really helpful throughout hot and cold summer days...
In case you are still not a PRO in this topic and haven't gone for tying a scarf as a sort of replacement for bracelets, belts, tops and so on, I'm here kind of referring it all to my favorite scarf thing girl Leandra Medine, then go for the basic four options listed below. Bet you'll like it!

Neck Scarf

Neck scarf

How many ways to tie a scarf around your neck are there? Million! Our favorite fashion girls keep proving it from day to day basis. And you don't necessarily need to tie it, if it's long enough then leave it free and instead of tying around the neck simply belt it up. Easy peasy yet awfully elegant! 

Head Scarf

Head scarf

Just like with tying scarf around neck, there are lots of options on how to tie a scarf on head. Moreover, a scarf can equally hide your undone hairstyle or become a part of it. Retro chic, Eastern or Southern style, hippie way - these are just few coolest options how you can your your favorite headscarf this summer.

Bag Scarf

Bag scarf

Tying a scarf on a bag is a tricky one. It should complement both your bag and your overall look. Still a contrast brought by it can easily become an interesting twist within your outfit. So, ladies, take out your collection of bags and scarves and go for a mix and match thing.

Shoulder Scarf

Wrap scarf

Well, this option will go really cool on cloudy, windy and quite cold summer days. You simply use a long and wide scarf instead of cardigan, jacket or whatever. Use it as a sort of a light, or maybe a bit heavy if the fabric is thick, wrap. A proper Summer-y look guaranteed!