Details that matter as much as a gown. 

Details. Any sort of accessories and beauty products that were involved in Ball looks for the past 100 years. I decided to break the 'Invitation to the Centenary Ball' exhibition in two parts - gowns and details - and here's why, I sincerely assume that accessories deserve a separate talk. Because we all know that details matter, aren't we?

A dress is simply a dress unless it's accessorized accordingly, thus forming a look of full value. And just like a piece of clothing, a piece of accessory does reflect it's decade or a certain period in fashion. Like looking at those tiny little bags that can fit in ones hand, you can immediately say it's the first part of the 20th century, some can say more precise that it should be a period of 1915's - 1930's. Well, some of us, like Alexandre Vassiliev will also be able to name the exact year and its alleged history. Even a hair pin can tell you what decade it could have been 'born' in. Shoe toe's form, style of a hat, size and style of a bag, a certain type of accessory, like hat pin or hand fan - it all plays a huge part in one's understanding of item's decade. It also matters when it comes to a Ball. A Ball of a certain decade.

Here, at the 'Invitation to the Centenary Ball' exposition we can see each decade - the 1920's, 1950's and even 1990's - being supported by accessories and beauty products of those times. What's more impressive to me in all the endless range of Ball related details are beauty products - perfumes, make-up powders, lipsticks... And the thing is all these beauty products, especially perfumes and make-up powders are still inside those jars and bottles (I've been unpacking it all myself, so I can assure you all it is more than natural, authentic).

Although right in the beginning of the story I stated that details require a separate topic and talk, we all do realize a history of accessories over the last ccntury will never fit in one single post. Moreover, I believe it would steal your own pleasure of experiencing the exhibition at its best. A bit of mystery should always be involved. So get your fashion booties up and ran straight to the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design to see it all with your eyes.
P. S. 'Invitation to the Centenary Ball' is a totally new, yet unseen by anyone else but Latvians, exhibition deivered by fashion historian, Alexandre Vassiliev. A person who is known for being one of the biggest private collectiors of our days keeps surprising us. The moment you thought everything possible in terms of fashion costume over the last century had already been shown to us, Alexandre Vassiliev comes up with a new, outstanding and charmind idea - Ball fashion of the last 100 years.

Photo: T. Egorova