Jewelry bag with a secret from a thrift shop? 

Yes, please. Another gorgeous find of mine I can't stop being seriously proud of. Convenience and a little secret is what you can say about this jewelry bag-box. And the most important thing now... wait, wait, you just keep your ears open now... it did cost me like less than 5 Euros. Still underestimating the power of vintage/thrift shopping? Then you are already losing this fashion game.

When I entered the Otrā Elpa store, one of my favorites when it comes to vintage/thrift Riga-based stores, I sincerely assumed that the bag in front of me was a real bag rather than a jewelry box. What a surprise it was to me when I revealed the secret hidden inside. Should I say that minutes later I was a happy owner of it?

When it comes to adventures even if they are only within the confines of a city or a country, the last one keeps happening quite often lately to me and my 4-wheeled Toyota partner, and it requires several outfits being worn and shot, then there's nothing better than keeping all jewelry safe and organized in one place - a secret jewelry box. Don't know if it's a bag with a secret anymore, but it's always good to share some secrets with friends, isn't it?

Photo: A. Puzova