Stripes on Stripes

July 23, 2015

Print and bold color cocktail. 

Oh, how much I love creating funny and colorful outfit combinations. There's nothing bad in acting a bit freaky and bringing some sunshine to this world, huh? Said me, the one who is always the most control-centered person when it comes to showing emotions off. Yeap, that's another thing worth knowing about me and the thing I probably never opened up before.

It usually takes time and comfort in relationship with people to break that black and white vertical striped wall of mine. And just like with people I meet in real life, it also took me time to break this zebra-ish wall of mine here, I've managed to build around myself. It seems to be very courageous of mine to start sharing thoughts I have in
 my brainpan with you, with everyone who keeps reading my daily essays. And you know, I got too used to sharing most of my thoughts and emotions out here. It happened to be such a casual thing I can't do without anymore. Even though with time some of my thoughts seem to sound too dull or childish with time. But hey, it happens to all of us. Being an 'I know it all', brainy kind of personality all the time is too boring. We all need breaks, and get cranky at times. 

Getting cranky by bringing around bold-ly print-ish combinations and striking a selfie-addicted gal poses is my very way. Especially when it comes to Summer and sun shining bright over my head. No, no sunstroke is involved. Just happiness and fun. For a note, a hat or a head scarf is a great way to reduce a risk of getting sunstroke. But being more serious, what I love about this exact combination is the midi length - head scarf tandem that adds a retro twist and, of course, vertical stripes - polka dot print pair. Can't escape but mention the background aka ladder in vertical black and white stripes that turned to be a one of a kind find. A find I discovered right when walking down our local Botanical Garden in this very outfit. A matchy-matchy game is on, pumpkins!

Look of the Day:
Sinsay shades 
Otra Elpa top 
vintage skirt 
Asos shoes

Photo: T. Egorova


  1. Очень люблю игру принтов, но нужно быть мастером, чтобы горошек с полоской "подружились", у вас отлично получилось! И локация идеально подошла!)

    Welcome to my blog RITALIFESTYLE

  2. You look amazing in that pretty skirt! And anything with polka-dot is a thumbs-up from me.. love the head-scarf! :)

    And those metal tipped heels are to die for! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

    1. Heh, so many compliments from you at once! Thank you, really nice to hear it all :)


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