Time to turn face towards the sun. 

Would I say if the weather in Riga city wouldn't change every next second. As Evelina Khromtchenko said in her Instagram-report about a weekend spent in a little Eastern European city, good weather in this city is a matter of luck. We, Latvia's inhabitants, know that pretty well, that's why as soon as the sun is out, we immediately pull that Summer-y outfit we've been waiting to put on for a long time. Well, well, the topic of unstable Latvian weather can be discussed for hours, weeks and probably years.

Despite the weather being so controversial lately (though it's been controversial since I was born in 1992 as far as I remember), we've been experiencing another crazy-ly beautiful week here, in Riga city. The new exhibition of Alexandre Vassiliev is fully ready and from today on you can see it with your own eyes at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. Both the press conference and last night's opening of the 'Invitation to the Centenary Ball' exhibition were a huge success, as to me. Well, the opening night was a tremendous success with so many beautiful, fashion, and not only, people stopping by, upgraded interior, a bit of champagne and lots of photos (some of them are already up on Instagram). Still caught myself on a thought that the behind the scenes experience made me perceive the whole exhibition in a completely different way. The touch-and-feel experience will never be beaten by just visual observation.

Oh and guess what's so memorable about this exhibition and such a valuable experience? The poster. The one that is a sort of announcement and advertising. Alexandre Vassiliev got one for himself as a sort of a sweet memory. The secret is he always gets one poster for himself. Having received one for myself, I decided straightaway that as soon as I'll have own, real office the framed poster will be put in the most special place.
Referring back to the outfit of today, I have to say that such a look was planned by me for quite some time. A very tender, sunny and filled with country and 70's vibes. I especially love the trio made up by tunic-top, flared pants and a straw bag. All seem to complement each other forming a very relaxed yet eye-catchy combination at the same time. Definitely one of my favorite looks from the Summer 2015.

Look of the Day:
tunic via Humana Vintage 
trousers via Humana Vintage 
London Rebel wedges 
Sun 'n' Sand straw bag 

Photo: T. Egorova