Taking safari style to urban level. 

You know about my addiction to finding new photogenic spots, right? Well, really hard it is to forget such kind of stuff if I keep mentioning it in every third outfit story, literally. Which you certainly do just to understand what's going on in my head at this or that moment. So yes I'm always on a hunt for new, to me, and interesting, to all of us, places that can become a perfect addition to a certain visual story. Thus, I can't be more proud to state that my 'collection of places' keeps growing and today's story involves one of such recently discovered places.

I had this idea of Safari Goes Urban for some time now. The overall vision of how it should look like was the main thing I was missing. But when I discovered the spot prior the shoot the whole picture, of an outfit and the place, came together. Why didn't I go for an even more urbanistic location with a la glass jungle or minimalistic lines styles? It would bring too much contrast. Too much contrast was not in my plan. In turn what ideally complemented my Safari Goes Urban plan was quite a historical location and the biggest wooden construction in Latvia - Lutheran church of St. Jesus. A photogenic wooden church with lots of stairs and giant columns. Need to admit I have a special thing for columns. It symbolizes something majestic and purely historic to me. I guess in one of my previous lives I lived in a palace with lots of columns. Who knows...

Going back to Lutheran church of St. Jesus, I would highly recommend you to make it, the church itself and its history, a topic of your personal research. It deserves attention simply because its history started back in 1635 that was followed by several destructions caused by either fire or wars. The latest version, the one we are able to come across today, of the church went a long way through decades and centuries and it's exactly what you feel when you stand there. At least, to me.

Safari style. The style that made it in fashion thanks to Mr. Yves Saint Laurent. The style that still goes strong both on the runways and in the streets. The style I personally am not really used to, but it was ringing deep inside for quite some time. Just like Eastern vibes, but with more calm beat. Just imagine going for an adventure to see elephants, tigers and 'company' in real life... so exciting! Scary maybe, but exciting! I've always been envy of those adventurers, zoologists and the rest who are able to come close to lions and not being eaten straightaway. It should be totally breathtaking. Yes, Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer, I'm talking about you in first place. Well, while I'm still dreaming about getting closer to lions, here's something that came true so far - my safari outfit with obvious vibes from the 70's.

Look of the Day:
iCe shirt dress 
Bakers sandals 
Bamboo bag 
Asos torque 
H&M rings

Photo: T. Egorova