White dress under July sun rays. 

Well hello, the last day of July. You stepped in pretty unexpectedly. It feels like it was just yesterday that the 1st of July came. Have to admit that this mid-Summer month was a one huge crazy adventure!  From the beginning till the very end. And the upcoming month, aka August, seems to be no less promising. Can't tell you everything yet you know I adore creating a mystery around it all, right?), so you just  go on follow this huge adventure in case of curiosity.

So, yes, July was one crazily amazing adventure. Shall I share the unforgettable pieces of it, the ones that shaped my mind the most? Am sure you know what was the global one of them all - the new exhibition of Alexandre Vassiliev 'Invitation to the Centenary Ball' and my experience from behind the scenes - I know, I know, I've talked about it zillion times, but it still does provoke that feeling of butterflies in stomach. And wait, here's the best part that literally made me jump all over the room, scream and almost cry (of happiness of course) - my review on the exhibit published here, on Practical Queen AP, was featured on Alexandre Vassiliev's official website, thus PQAP turned to be the only Latvia-based digital media whose review was granted such an honour! Isn't that a blessing? Frankly, to me it's a one huge sign that one of my fashion and life vectors was set the right way.
The second memorable piece in this July puzzle was a pair of project-stories we created with two emerging fashion names - KUMMA and Ava Garden. The first one as we all remember is headed by Liene Bukovska, while the second is ruled by Anna Petrova (Zaitseva). As soon as we are wrapping up the month and recollecting it all, here are these two stories of young Latvian fashion labels you should start paying attention now - MINOX by KUMMA and Ava Garden's Sarafan. What's so special about it is that coming across new, educated and talented personalities within Latvian fashion keeps giving a more in-depth insight in local system, still not daring to call it industry, no offence.

The third, well not really the last but still, highlight of July was a so-called, by me, half-o-Latvia trip last weekend. Almost all Latvia's scenery in one day. Well, almost. Beautiful lavender fields owned by one amazing family, field full of power red poppies and endless Latvian fields with haystacks. Am still going to talk about each of three destinations in more detailed stories the following weeks and share all the beauty of an Eastern European country with you. So just a bit of patience. But in general have to say that taking such a one day journey across half of Latvia driving my loyal 4-wheeled friend was a giant dose of inspiration. And as I love to say, more is yet to come. This half-o-Latvia trip was far and away not the last one.
Summer and white dress... Aren't they made for each other? Am not talking about bridal dresses or so, just a casual, and feminine-much, white dress be it maxi, mini, midi, etc. Seriously, look - white dress and outdoor situation. Sun, nature, natural beauty and the dress. Such a pleasant beauty. In all meanings. A runaway fairy in her kingdom...

Look of the Day:
LYON  dress 
Asos shoes 
H&M ring

Photo: T. Egorova