90 Days of Summer

August 26, 2015 Liepāja

Summer paradise with Atelier Kristine... 

This chapter of our little August fairytale with Atelier Kristine wins the most Summer-y award. There's no way you can go by without a little seaside escape while living in a country washed by the sea. Moreover, there's no way you can refuse a one-day escape in a beautiful, unusual seaside location with ruins right by the shore...

I couldn't say 'NO' to this picturesque seaside location several kilometers away from Liepāja city. We discovered it on our way back after spending a gorgeous and entertaining weekend in Liepāja, about which I vaguely talked in the French in Liepāja City story. So yes, I couldn't say 'No, no' to this location, moreover, I had a bikini and this outstanding semi-transparent Atelier Kristine beach robe with me. The beach robe that is able to turn you into a very Latvian, or let's put it better Baltic, Aphrodite. An Aphrodite with that Baltic state of mind, Baltic calmness and beauty. And a personal does of Russian (and a drop of Eastern) blood, in my case.

Seems to me this story somehow is a continuation of an Aphrodite-inspired visual story that shot past on Practical Queen AP previous Summer. And if that Aphrodite was something really close to the image we usually create in our minds after reading a story of the Goddess born from the sea foam, then this new Aphrodite is something more of a rebellion Goddess. The one that enjoys those sun kisses and time spent by the sea in solitude while being surrounded by ruins...

Atelier Kristine beach robe 
South Beach bikini 

Photo: T. Egorova

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