Cinderella and Poppy Field

August 10, 2015

Runaway Cinderella is back...

Remember my runaway Cinderella from Cinderella Got To Go story? An all polished version of Cinderella strolling around endless garden's paths of her kingdom. Her kingdom was nothing but one of the most beautiful places across Latvia, Rundale Palace, with a very deep history. The place that was a creation of no one else but the master of architectural design during the times of Russian Empire - Francesco Bartolomeo Rastelli. We have come across this name several months ago, when I was talking about the Mitava Palace, better known now as Jelgava Palace, which is another favorite piece of architecture of mine and that holds a much more special meaning as I consider Jelgava to be my second Latvian hometown, the hometown of my early childhood.

It's been already a whole good year since that glamorous Cinderella left her kingdom. In other words, it's been already a year since that Cinderella Got To Go story. Still the idea is so relevant I can't stop using it again and again. Well, this girl doesn't look like a real Cinderella, does she? Nor does she look as if she's been under the auspices of her stepmother. You know she reminds me more of Lisa, the character of Pushkin's 'Baryshnya-Krestyanka' ('Lady - Peasant girl' if we're about to translate the title). Lisa was a young noble lady who used to run away from home, change into peasant's dress, play around with peasant's kids and investigate the simple life of Russian Empire. My modern Cinderella is just such kind of a lady. She doesn't necessarily need to change into more simple clothes though. She can just take off those heels and straighten her locks and voila, she's ready to break away...

Break away to the countryside and suddenly come across a field of red poppies. Coming across the field filled with bright flowers is such a joy. Of course it has nothing to do with those high class gardens she got used to while living in a palace. But this poppy field is exactly what brings her closer to life's simplicity and nature's wildness. A place where you can let it all go and follow the wind, chase the sun and feel the vibes of the universe.

Photo: T. Egorova


  1. Hi,you look attractive and stylish. Great post and wonderful pictures. xo