Where popping florals and black militarism meet. 

Happy Monday, digital people! Ready to kick the very last week of Summer off? The last 8 days of August are designed for double fun, pretty outdoor cafes (having a couple of such in Riga city on my mind), last Summer sunsets at the beach and picnics right at the heart of our local parks and much more. Speaking of picnics, past Saturday was well spent on a sun-filled meadow with lots of laughter, delicious food and lovely ladies-only company. But you just wait for this Lifestyle story to go live on PQAP quite soon.

Just like the Summer season, straw hats are about to face the end of its reign in the year 2015. Well, it doesn't really refer to those who live in the endless Summer paradise. Those who are already, mentally much, getting ready for colder winds and rains, are taking every single chance to rock a straw hat. A favorite one in first place. Am actually talking about myself more now. Being a bit crazy over straw hats and having a little yet collection of different straw typed ones, I'm trying to find a way to implement this or that hat in most of my recent outfit combinations.

Speaking of recent outfits and favorite straw hat, this straw bowler keeps winning my 'Top Straw Hat' nomination. Already second Summer in a row. A very elegant and petite, it does fit many looks of mine. Especially the looks that translate that simple Mediterranean yet romantic feeling. Can't remember if I ever told the story of this straw bowler that I found in a kid's section of one high street store. Who would have thought that 'stealing' pieces from kid's wardrobe, figuratively speaking of course, is such a fun, I would even say such a beneficial fun.

Adding more contrast to an already contrasting-much outfit was an interesting trick. At least within this very look of mine. By combining florals with militarism I managed to make the jacket look fresh and less formal, while by combining militarism with florals I managed to make the shorts look more edgy and formal. What about the straw bowler? It just brought this easy Summer-y twist to the black-and-pink outfit.

Look of the Day:
Reserved straw hat 
Adler jacket 
Reserved top 
Forever21 shorts 
Zara flats 
New Look bag 

Photo: T. Egorova