When a big dose of sun covers the city... 

Friday. What a beautiful word, isn't it? Millions of people out there adore this word just as if it's something similar to holidays, Christmas, New Year's Eve, birthday and the rest. Millions of people who work Monday to Friday from 9am till 6pm, or 7, or 5? Am feeling a bit confused now as I have no real idea what's the fixed timetable at an office is like. Anyways, like 8pm on Friday is the time when official weekend madness starts. So hold on, you're almost done!

Meanwhile, I'm about to go start packing my bag as the next two days are going to be spent on the road. Again! Lately weekends to me have been all about travelling here and there across Latvia, plus creating visual stories while discovering new or long time no see places. Well, I guess this has finally taken me to 24/7 working schedule, when your life and work are connected so tight that you simply stop dividing one from another. The most important in this case, I guess, is the enjoyment factor, the passion and interest to do a piece of work no matter the time and situation. Like the last days I was on a hunt to catch some sun that's been shining like crazy over Riga city and fool around with my Latvian Londonder, aka the best flatmate I ever had while living that London life, during the day time, while my nights were highly dedicated to scheduling out the next 3 weeks plan, putting all the ideas together and researching trends of the coming season (we just kicked the AW15 series of Trend Reports yesterday, by the way!), writing like crazy all these recent stories and much more. Seriously, going to bed at 2am or later with understanding that I managed to do that much during the last 24 hours for my digital child in first place, is such a great feeling.

As soon as we started talking about those crazy sunny days. The outfit is nothing but a perfect combination to battle the city heat. And not only the city one. Funny funky vibes are spotted out here, agreed, but Summer is the time to reveal your inner freak, especially in terms of fashion. Coming up with something new is quite challenging at times, but so totally awesome. Well, these flared pants are to die for. Pure 1970's era. Not getting it from one of my favorite vintage treasure stores, Vintage Humana, would be a huge regret afterwards. I mean now. Still can't get over how awesome flares look like with a scarf wrapped all around head. Frankly speaking, never considered that tying a scarf around my head this way suits me, but decided to go on once again and win this battle. At the end of the day, protecting head from sunstroke can be fun and stylish at the same time. The last touch to the look was made by... yes, you're right, by my sunglasses crush of the season - heart-shaped ones.

Look of the Day:
headscarf via Humana Latvia 
Miss Bollywood pants 
London Rebel wedges 
Sinsay sunglasses 

Photo: T. Egorova