Ready to rock a new academic year? 

Not really? Still haven't made a decision upon your first school or university day outfit? Don't worry, Practical Queen AP got you covered with several outfit ideas you definitely would love to rock not only on a first day of a new academic year, but throughout this whole year.
Such countries as Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the rest are known for September 1 celebrations, also known as Knowledge Day, that marks as the very beginning of a new academic year, put it school or university. Fresh after Summer holidays kids, teenagers and young people flood the streets of their cities with primary black, white and deep blue outfit combinations and flowers, all ready for a new portion of knowledge. Other countries don't take the first school or university day to such a celebration level (considering the fact that in many other countries an academic year can start earlier than September and even much later), still a first study day are up on the list. 
So, unless your school or university involve a strict uniform or a dress code, why don't we rock a very modern schoolgirl or university chic look? Here are 5 inspiration outfits to choose from...

Pant Suit

In case you're no way up to that good school girl kind of a look, here's something formal, or better semi-formal, for you. Pant suit. It's been on throughout the Spring/Summer season, it's still on for the next half a year. University or school girl, you simply need to go for a pant suit or co-ordinate separates yourself. Add a shirt, sleeveless top, crop top or whatever you find more suitable. For that first day I would advice to go for heels that can later on, I mean the rest of an academic year, be replaced by flat shoes.


A more fashionable, trendy and interesting version than a pant suit. Culottes. And again, culottes are going to be hot throughout the coming Autumn/Winter season. Being a pretty cool piece of clothing on its own, it doesn't really need that much 'WOW!' pieces to be added to it. The length, type and style of a top is up to you, just like a choice of a blazer or a jacket, if it's actually going to be necessary. In case with culottes, a universal approach to shoes will be heels (unless you're totally sure flat shoes suit such an outfit).

Dress + Masculine Shoes

Another idea for those of you who doesn't aim to be a good school girl. It's all about a game of contrasts, where we have feminine (or not really) dress and masculine shoes. Mixing female and male wardrobes is a cool trick nowadays. If you're really able to make a dress and masculine shoes work, then all eyes will be on you.


Skirt is what girls were, and still in many schools around the world are, required to wear according to dress codes. In case you are meant to wear a skirt and not that many restrictions are involved, then go play around the length and style. I would recommend to play around tartan as long as many designer keep presenting cool'n'modern of it. There's a big enough room to choose from skirt's section, in general. Plus instead of heels you can give a preference to pointed flats.

Skirt Suit + Masculine Shoes

Finally, a very good school girl with a modern twist. A skirt suit or a co-ordinates is a must in this outfit. Another must here, of course in case a very modern yet stylish approach is to be involved, are masculine shoes. It will win you more points if a brief bag is involved in such an outfit. But a brief bag can also be replaced with an elegant satchel one.

Photo Courtesy: You Know You Love Me, Who What Where, Persona Image, Popsugar, Prada For Breakfast, The New York Times Style Magazine