Provence in the middle of a little Eastern European country. 

They say Riga is a little Paris. If Riga is a little Paris, then Latvia is a little Eastern European France and should have its own Provence with violet lavender fields. Sounds pretty much breathtaking and intriguing, right? So it is in reality. Latvia has a little Provence of its own, or to be more precise - two little Provences. Lavender fields that keep attracting more and more visitors every July...

Oh my, it's been two years since I visited Lillas Lavender fields for the very first time. For those who still have no idea, Lillas Lavender is a purely Latvian dream that is owned and nurtured by one Latvian family. Two little yet picturesque fields, little in comparison to endless French lavender fields, are located in completely different locations - one towards Limbaži (Eng. Limbazhi), more Northern one, while the second towards Saldus in a more Western part of the country. It was the Limbaži-side field that I first came across #madeinLatvia lavender back in two years. One Day In Heaven story can still take you around my very first impression of Lillas Lavender. Dramatic changes spotted with totally different Anna in those pictures, huh? Time goes by and nothing stays the same, we all do change. Still some things don't, like my partner-in-crime Ted Baker mini shopper bag. Funny how unconsciously I decided to take it to lavender fields once again.

Having missed Lillas Lavender open-fields-day event last year, I guess due to my university graduation in London town, I couldn't afford to do so this time. At the end of the day it's a perfect chance for a little getaway that makes you enjoy Latvian scenery and be nothing but proud that there are these individuals with unusual vision and dreams for a little Eastern European country.
Speaking of my 'trip to Latvian Provence' outfit. Well, well, well. Taking a car trip literally to the other side of the country requires a comfort in first place. Though it's an excuse to abandon it all for the sake of comfort. A bit of 'girl the adventurer' vibes are sensed. Honestly, it all started with color. According to color theory, mint is a perfect match to purple shades. Having found one more reason to wear my university graduation dress once again, I didn't have any single doubt what to pair it with - white Converse, Ted Baker shopper bag in ideally matching color, denim jacket over the shoulders just to battle the wind and straw hat. No Provence can deal without a straw hat...

Look of the Day:
Reserved dress 
Very Nice denim jacket 
Ted Baker mini shopper bag

Photo: T. Egorova