4 names and collections to remember from Liepāja Fashion Fest.

An annual Summer fashion festival right by the shore of the Baltic Sea. Liepāja's Fashion Fest, the name I adopted to Liepāja's Fashion Celebrations, simply because it sounds more fresh and way much easier to say out loud. As Russians say, it's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. Especially when it comes to fashion. Nothing too much is about to be said regarding the Fashion Fest in general, apart from the fact that it follows it's main aim - to popularize Latvian fashion on its own and Baltic fashion as a whole all around Liepāja region. As long as the Fest warms up the interest of Liepāja people towards local designers and brands and serves as one of those springboards for these designers, especially emerging ones, we, Riga people, can sleep well.
What I wanted to talk about in terms of Liepāja Fashion Fest (actually it's 'Beauty Symposium' part that showcased 20 collections created by Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian fashion minds) are the 4 collections that left their marks in my memory with only one of them being a true fashion discovery of the night.

Why shouldn't we start with the discovery straightaway? A collection that turned to be a common child of three creatives of Latvian fashion - Reinis Ratnieks, Arvils Linde and Iveta Vecmane. Sincerely, I keep on thinking that the trio can pretty much be refered as 'Three musketeers of Latvian fashion', in unofficial way of course. But digging deeper and giving you a more in-depth insight. Iveta Vecmane is a well-known Latvian stylist with pretty own aesthetics, as well as creative director of Taste Latvia concept store, and a designer who teamed up with two emerging fashion minds, the designers Reinis Ratnieks and Arvils Linde. The last two, if my research and calculations don't lie, are already graduates of Art Academy of Latvia (or might be on that final track), and seem to have made their names so far. To add more to your curiosity list, Reinis Ratnieks and Arvils Linde are considered nothing but a future of Latvian fashion. Can't escape but agree, Latvian fashion being predominantly ruled by female designers lacks male vision. So let's keep our fashion eyes wide opened for each of the 'three musketeers of Latvian fashion'.

But going back to the main point. The collection. To me it was all about simplicity with thorough attention to details, lines and shapes. Have to point out that the black and white color combination, being neutral rather than too popping, allows you to go on investigating the hidden or too obvious tricks of these garments. While some pieces seem to be barely wearable or seat-able for ones casual life, though looking too effective, the others, i. e. skirts and shirts (with pretty alluring slits on sleeves), can easily be seen coming into wardrobes of both professional and amateur fashionistas.
Next comes my favorite. Dace Bahmann. Am not going to lie, I adore Bahmann's designs. Dace Krieviņa-Bahmane is one of those Latvian designers who had derived signature style. The game of prints and the game of fabric combinations is what we keep finding in Dace Bahmann's collections. Modernity and romantically urban women is what we eager to see in every next collection of Dace Bahmann. And the Autumn/Winter collection is not an exception.

The impression from Dace Bahmann's collection was followed by it'sMe. The collection of an emerging fashion label created in collaboration with Artis Shtamguts was already seen by us in terms of the latest Riga Fashion Week session nearly half a year ago. Catch up on it once again HERE. 'Urbanistic simplicity in a rush' have definitely caught my eye...
The final amusement, yet not the least, was brought to me by Leny Tomy Factory. Latvian label that specializes in kidswear. Kidswear is something that tender emotions. Just like kids themselves, acting carefree. Considering the booming kidswear market, in international terms, there's no surprise that Leny Tomy Factory was on the list of Liepāja's Fashion Fest.

Photo Courtesy: Ritvars Sproģis, Ruslans Šuļga, Jānis Dreimanis