Alleys, where dreams may lead. 

Opening the door to the very first part of our exciting several chapters long story with Atelier Kristine. A very #madeinLatvia fashion label and made-to-order atelier at the same time. Latvian label came as a huge fashion discovery to me as I've been familiar with the brand before, but really perceived it more as an atelier with only made-to-order pieces till the very last minute. Well, they say it's better late than never, and here comes the moment when I'm finally revealing the magic of Atelier Kristine. Of course, while sharing all this fashion adventure with you.

Speaking a bit of Atelier Kristine itself in first place. It all started as an actual atelier that inherited a part of its name from the founder - Kristine Rapohina. The atelier opened its doors more than a year ago, to be more precise, around the upcoming January it is going to celebrate the second birthday. So far so good, Atelier Kristine attracts both females and males to come and order a very exclusive piece made to measures, needs and wants of an individual client. And according to word-of-mouth and many reviews, it's really a place to experience a made-to-order service.

But let me add up a bit more to the atelier topic. The interior and the atmosphere of the atelier is a true retailtainment, a very thought through one. Starting with a sofa and a little table near-by and ending with spacious fitting rooms and even hangers. As if you enter a lady-like yet super spacious wardrobe-room which in turn guarantees a home-like feeling with a cup of tea and talks about fashion, clothes and made-to-orders. In terms of this retailtainment, Atelier Kristine is the place where you want to come back again and again.

In the beginning of the story I gave you a glimpse that the atelier is not actually only about made-to-orders. A strategic move, or put it a growth strategy, of Atelier Kristine was to start producing Ready-to-Wear collections and present it to wider audiences. In mid-July one of such collections by Atelier Kristine was shown during Jurmala Resort Collections. Now a collection filled with bright colors, femininity and a dose of Summer-y sun can be found in its full beauty and magic, touched and tried on  at Atelier Kristine (MatÄ«sa street 69).

The main character of today's story, the white Atelier Kristine dress with layered hemline and upgraded with stripes is the one from from the new Ready-to-Wear collection. Very modern Cinderellish dress can be played around in many different ways - put those loose end of the belt in front or leave it at the back so it can compliment the elongated hemline. You can leave the dress belt-less and rather incorporate the belt as a skinny scarf by tying it around neck, something we've seen at Chloe's AW15 runway show. Furthermore, you can play hard with shoes, accessories, make-up, like let's say lipstick colors, and even hairstyle in case you wish to take the dress away from alleys of a secret garden and place it at the very heart of an urban city...

Atelier Kristine dress 
Bakers shoes 
Dzintars lipstick

Photo: T. Egorova