From the series of lost and found... 

Friday finally arrived. The very last Friday of August. Such a bittersweet feeling, isn't it? And it's not about the kind of feeling school kids and university people, I mean the ones who're on quite a long yet well-deserved vacation, they're still about to get back to routine and usual course of things (I believe in a positive way much). Oh, that feeling I'd been experiencing in late August, right before going back to university routine back in London town... it still keeps haunting me at times.

But let's not talk about the past. Or better let's talk about the past in another way. I've already told you about 'That 70's Show' TV series, right? One of my favorites ever! Funny yet uber inspirational. Inspirational in terms of late-70s fashion. Well, let me throw this piece of a fact first - the TV show had been filmed on the verge of two centuries, so it can't really be undertaken as a very authentic 70's style source. Anyway, it's not about that authenticity much, but rather a general feeling you get while watching 'That 70's Show'. The feeling that makes you think: "I wouldn't mind living my teenage years through that decade". Should I commit my favorite character was Jackie Burkhart, played by Mila Kunis? Her style's something every single lady out there would find appealing and inspirational in terms of today's fashion (I mean the 70's era influence on modern fashion).

If I'd replaced top with a turtleneck or a buttoned up shirt, while heavy wedges would take over a place of sandal boots, such kind of an outfit combination would be purely 'That 70's Show' cast costume. But the golden rule of fashion states: "Past should always be mixed with present" (in some cases it also can be mixed with future, but it's a separate talk). So here we go having something very modern, something inspired by past and something purely vintage. And despite the outfit being shot back in one of those rainy Latvian June days, it's still relevant for a coming September. Though highly recommend to replace the top and sandal booties for a more Autumn appropriate options...

Look of the Day:
vintage jacket 
Asos top 
Tommy Hilfiger Denim jeans 
Asos shoes 
H&M bag 
H&M rings

Photo: T. Egorova