Going further with Eastern vibes. 

Well hello again! Can't help but take an advantage and greet you all in August. Hope you all had a great weekend, because as we all know - the way you start a month, this way you are going to go through it. There's no such saying though. I just paraphrased the good old Russia one that says: "As you meet a New Year, this way you are going to spend it". But no one said I can't use my imagination and a game of words to come up with something new.

My start to August was pretty productive and entertaining-much. It's been already a second year in a row that I attended equestrian sport tournament. A recap of my first impression can be found HERE. Found myself still being overwhelmed by the same sort of emotions. And have to say am starting to fall for this kind of sport. To learn how to ride a horse would be an activity I would definitely go for these days. Yes, it's country-cowgirl speaking from the inside. Secondly, I can't hide the fact I've already started forming my Fall wardrobe step by step and made several good investments. Am going to talk it all in the nearest future, i. e. coming months. You, by the way, keep your eyes opened on the blog now as Trend Report is having a big comeback this week and we are starting to look at Autumn/Winter trends. A lot of good stuff is on the way... Speaking of a good stuff further. We are currently in the baking process of something new in collaboration with one more #madeinlatvia fashion label. A brand that turned to be a big fashion discovery to me as I was familiar with it before, bu revealed all of its magic just now. Shame on me, but it's better late than never, huh? I should probably stop with spoilers for now and move on to...

Move on to outfit combination with a touch of Eastern vibes. Thai Silk Wrap. What a find! And what a piece - perfect for not that proper Latvian Summer. It gives an ultimate twist to your most simple, casual outfit and such a cozy feeling. Just drop it over shoulders or wrap around yourself in case you want to snuggle a bit. What makes a perfect match to this Thai silk wrap is a pair of H&M culottes I got during my favorite shopping time - mid-season sales. And am definitely taking this pair of suede-like pants with me to the following Autumn season. A guide to a perfect Eastern wrap - culottes combination? Play around simple details that are matching yet contrasting. And play around make-up, i. e. eye shadows and lipstick. That's the key.

Look of the Day:
Thai Silk Wrap 
Cubus top 
Mango sandals 
vintage bag 
H&M rings 

Photo: T. Egorova