Black and white, transparency and flares. 

Right at the peak of calendar Summer's dawn I came up with mixing this and that and several other trends of the outgoing season. Well, it might not be a peak anymore but a very imminent dusk of Summer season. You can feel it in the air, don't you? Those September vibes are about to attack, they are still lying low and just waiting for that perfect moment to invade our lives. So it's high time for us to get the best out of this Summer-y sunset.

And by getting the best out of it I also mean visual stories. Stories that still involve a huge dose of sun and quite a smaller portion of clothing and layering, basically, no layering. Visual stories that take you to a hidden place. Somewhere like South of Italy or Greece. Somewhere where you don't need to think about tomorrow much, but just enjoy your own escape from urban pace of life. If the background outside the terrace involved sea, I bet most of you would mistaken a place for a more Southern location. White color of balustrade sets this kind of a mood, right? Yes, architecture probably like nothing else, maybe except for interiors, has a strong power of setting necessary set of associations. That's why I like when this or that building is involved in certain stories.

In this story such an evening sun-filled location was used to highlighten the black and white combination of mine. In the very beginning of today's story I have uttered the word that this black and white outfit is a mix of several different seasonal trends. So why don't we look into this topic deeper and disassamble the components of the combo. First come flared pants that we've seen literally on every second street, huh? Well, we are still going to see flares here and there the next, at least, six months. Secondly, it's transparent top. Transparency was huge this Summer, it's always big throughout such a season, but this year it was a one big blast. Thirdly, it's the color combination of today's outfit, the black and white one, that was one of our favorites over the past months (actually zillion of years), wasn't it? And, finally, let me just add round-shaped shades and ankle strap heeled sandals to the list together, because as we all know devil is in the details. Though adding something from one's self is also essential, like let's say pink lipstick and sensual curls. A killer combination...

Look of the Day:
Kappahl top 
USA pants 
Bakers shoes 
Piazza Italia bag 

Photo: T. Egorova