Geek Chic as the new Chic of the Autumn/Winter 2015 season. 

Geek chic is going to be as big as never before. What is geek chic all about? Basically, these people are geeks (nerds, intellectuals, you name it) who seem to be more obsessed with books and technology rather than their own appearance. We believe these people put on totally contrasting, nerd-ish, granny-ish piece together by accident. Well, a very fashionable geek chics know it's a very thought through kind of look.
It looks like designers pretty much had school and university girls on their minds while bringing the best of geek chic's style in the coming, AW15, season. Just to mention, Margot Tenenbaum of 'The Royal Tenenbaums', directed by Wes Anderson, was that kind of a geek chic character designers drew inspiration from. If you haven't yet seen this iconic movie from the very beginning of the millennium, then I highly recommend you to watch it the coming weekend. The movie will, in first place, come as a huge inspiration source for many of your Fall outfits and, secondly, a very 'Tenenbaum style revival' talk (Inspiration story) is on the way. 
Prada, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger are those designer brands that used geek chic a lot in their Autumn/Winter collections, if we are about to name just a few. Still even in these three collections geek chic comes several different ways. Therefore, let's consider there are three geek chic outfit combinations you might consider replicating in the coming season...


A boy-ish attitude towards geek chic was widely seen in Prada's, as well as Gucci, collection. What you might need? Pants - straight, cropped, flared, wide-leg; blazer - slightly oversized or, on the contrary, the one that looks like you took it from your little brother; a shirt and a knit vest to perfectly complement the look. Implementing several colors at once will add a very modern 'n' fashion twist.


Pure granny-ish geek chic look is derived to us by Gucci. Remember considering midi skirt, beret, totally closed shirt and the rest a very pieces taken from your granny's wardrobe? I bet you do. Time's changed and today such a combination is nothing but one of the coming season's hottest looks. Midi length in a combination with camisole or transparent top, beret and flat shoes are worth pulling together. Unlike other two geek chic combinations, here flat shoes, be it pointed flats, loafers or something more masculine, is essential.


Finally, a very sport-ish version of geek chic. Tommy Hilfiger made it his mark of the season. You might be a real cheerleader or just pretend to be one. You might actually be on th list of your school's sports team, you might again pretend to be one. Only thing you need to remember when going for a sport-ish geek chic outfit combination is the varsity symbolism (initials or numbers).