Painting Autumn/Winter 2015 season power red. 

The color of power, love, passion and much more, red is going to be a color we all are going to have in the coming, A/W, season. Though it's dosage is more up to you, there's no single formula. Simply be sure this color is right there, behind the door of your little (big and endless) wardrobe. 
Fashion industry's creative minds, aka designers, made sure red is popping here and there as a single statement color, like at Christian Dior and Marni runway shows, or in interesting color-block combinations as well as in pairing with blacks, like at Fendi and Salvatore Ferragamo shows. It's saturation is also pretty diverse, it can go from bombastic red that seems more of a red splash to more deeply strong versions, a la an intellectual fashion warrior. When it comes to Latvian designers, power red had been spotted within the A/W collections of Alexandra Westfal, IN by Inga Nipane and NOLO - on it's very powerful own or in quirky color combinations.
Time to leave all this theory and observations aside and move on to the pieces we all should consider to invest in before the Autumn season hits our wardrobes. Scroll down, because shopping for your coming season staples starts now!


Red dress is basically a must-have of modern female's wardrobe. I mean in any strange situation wear red dress, it will surely take away all confusion from your face. And not only. All you need to know is your perfect shade of red and the style that suits you. The rest is a matter of... well, there's no matter when you have a red dress.

A la Suit 

Suits, or simply coordinates, are still having a moment throughout the Autumn/Winter season. This time they are getting painted in very red color. Be it a total suit straightaway or your game of separates, be it a trouser or skirt a la suit, be it even a jumpsuit - power red won't make it look boring or something. Plus jackets, trousers and skirts can then be used on their very own in other sort of outfits.


Outerwear in power red. Have I flushed your minds with such a cool thing as a red coat yet? Well, apart from coat there is a big room of outerwear pieces you can choose from. Will pre-open a little secret to you - puffer jackets are going to have a big fashion moment this Winter. But prior to wrapping in those thick layers have a go for trench coat or tweed jacket, of course in power red. 

Separate Statements

Separates are single pieces that are able to take your outfit, be it all black or casualest white tee - blue jeans - a pair of Converse combo, to the very next level. It can be a piece of clothing, a bag, pair of shoes-ies or even a hat. Your imagination is the key here...