Skirt as an essential piece of your Autumn/Winter 2015 wardrobe. 

Skirts have always been an important part of female wardrobe. I bet it's hard to imagine females, in general, without skirts. It would be no fun at all. And looks like designer think alike. Otherwise why would they keep introducing new skirt-ideas season after season?
In Autumn/Winter 2015 season designers are going pretty serious by making skirts look very lady-like and super elegant, both in terms of style and texture. Speaking of textures, the coolest skirts in coming season are tweed and knitted ones - shortly very serious seasonal fabrics. When it comes to styles and lengths, here's what we found out: Marc Jacobs made a statement with midi and maxi skirt lengths that are upgraded by pleating, folds or straight lines (just a tiny bit of transparency was also spotted), while Roksanda left some space for your shoes of the season moment by keeping skirts midi and just ankle length. Chanel, with Karl Lagerfeld in head, played around differrent textures and lengths while definitely introducing another favorite of the Autumn season - skirt with just above the knee length. Max Mara, in turn, made it pretty simple yet elegant with staying on the very feminine side - pencil skirts.
And as long as we've already started looking in those 4 types of Autumn/Winter skirts, let's get a more closer look...


Despite being considered by many as too formal, it takes only the right fabric, color and print to choose in order to make it your Autumn/Winter season's favorite. And despite the fact that some still consider that pencil skirts should only be worn with classic shirts or elegant tops, there is this big room for creativity. Just play it around with a jumper and a pair of shoes of your choice - heels or sneakers. Magic is guaranteed!

Over the Knee

Skirts with over the knee length, or above the knee. Many will refer it as a mini skirt, but this length has nothing to do with super mini that doesn't even manage to cover your... ups!.. booty. We're up to embrace elegance not vulgarity. Styles to choose from are A-line and full. School and university girls are about to fall over this style due to its playfulness.

Full Midi

Full midi skirts are a synonym of elegance and a retro twist. One such is a must of modern lady's wardrobe. If you're up to an easy lady-like look, then there's nothing better than a jumper - full midi - high heels - little bag combo. Plus other ingredients can easily be replaced further on.


Maxi haters gonna hate as this length is having a huge come back in Autumn/Winter season. Like no other skirt-length this one is able to cover all your warm up cold season tricks (like dozen pairs of stockings or leggings and so on). But most importantly, maxi skirt is able to turn you into a very Princess-of-fashion.