Taking #madeinLatvia to the city where the wind is born... 

The fifth and final chapter of our Summer adventure with Atelier Kristine. A little Summer fairytale that started with highly elegant vibes in a secret garden now comes to its Cinderella-much end. In which way Cinderella-ish? You know what, I'll better use this quite a popular trick and leave the question up in the air, so you could arrive at the answer using own imagination and creativity.

Remember me talking about that early-August travel I took to Liepāja city? I've shared a bit back in the French in Liepāja City story. Still, something was reserved for the grand finale. No, I'm not talking about a picturesque street with gorgeous power red flowers almost flying up in the air and cute little and old buildings. Although the street caught my attention as well. About what I want to spread the word is a cafe Boulangerie located right at the heart of Liepāja city. Why should you visit the place?

Firstly, their so far most honored guest was Alexandre Vassiliev himself. A man who knows everything about good and highly delicious food. By the way, a picture of him is right there on the wall of the top floor of the cafe, i. e. an open-air terrace. Speaking of the terrace and the interior itself, which comes as the second reason why you should definitely visit Boulangerie. The open-air terrace doesn't really give a view over the whole city, but it does set great vibes to your overall impression of the cafe (taking several great photos counts). And, if you happen to be there on a sunny day then you're more than a lucky little pumpkin! Finally, one little advice for you, delicious food connoisseurs - Sunday is a big brunch dayYAY - but make sure to start your brunch-ie early enough to get the best of it ahead of other early Sunday birds!

Speaking of #madeinLatvia, Atelier Kristine and the outfit combination of the day that came as a synergy of Latvian designer brands and several high street labels. Romantically casual would I call this outfit that was perfect for both a Sunday brunch at the Boulangerie terrace under warm August sun rays with a big dose of favorite Latte and an easy walk around narrow streets of Liepāja city. Have to point out that a merge of Veretteno head piece and Atelier Kristine skirt, both in floral yet contrasting patterns, happened to be more than cute. So that's what I mean by taking #madeinLatvia to the city where the wind is born.  

Veretteno head piece 
H&M shirt 
Atelier Kristine skirt 
Bakers shoes 
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova