Hypnotized by sunset rays of sun. 

I believe there's no need to state once again how much I'm into using title and citing lyrics of different music compositions, in other words - songs. I love how this or that line can add a twist to a story or perfectly describe what I want to say. Or how a title of a certain song can set a necessary mood to this or that story straightaway. So it happened with the 'Chasing the Sun' song by The Wanted. I've been seriously in love with it for about half a year now (maybe even more), anyway it's been on my every single possible play lists for months now.

I think the song is perfect to start a day off with. The lyrics are able to charge you with lots of energy for the whole day. Energy and motivation I would say. Motivation to chase the sun. I also think that the 'Chasing the Sun' song is a perfect setting for travels. Since I was travelling around Latvia quite a number of times over the Summer, the song by The wanted been popping at this or that time on a radio during every single car ride.

Just imagine driving a car while on one of those many tracks of a country surrounded on both sides by beautiful fields with haystacks, horses and cows, interesting countryside buildings or middle aged castles, huge electric windmills, lavender and poppy fields, and much more. Up there is blue sky with gorgeous white clouds and pleasant rays of sun. And while you are driving the song, not necessary the 'Chasing the Sun' one, it can be any other you love, is coming out of loudspeakers. This is a moment of pure happiness, beauty and freedom. The moment when you want to stop the car and run towards this beauty.

Having the final Summer travels talk, I simply need to stress out the very last adventure of the season. What could the final point be like? Of course it should be a sunset. And this last sunset of Summer should be spent by the sea, in a place where sun falls in. So it happened. Just like two years ago in the End of Summer and The Last Sunset stories. Though this time everything was completely different, especially the place - a breathtaking Ķurmrags is a must-visit place - and the sunset itself, it seemed that sky was pretty much on the strongest fire ever. A new, discovered paradise is yet to become one of my favorite sunset spots. It means that with the end of Summer my adventures are just experiencing a shift into Autumn season. As more is yet to be experienced... 

Look of the Day:
H&M hat 
Reserved blouse 
USA pants
Photo: T. Egorova