Make-up staples that matter. 

Happy Friday, my little fashion and beauty pumpkinitos! You know what I realized? We've been having quite a lot Beauty talks with me sharing thoughts on this or that product or several products at a time, but I never really shared my everyday beauty routine with you. I believe this Autumn-ish Friday is a perfect cause to fix this point. I'm not going to give you a tutorial on how to apply concealer or make that perfect eyeliner line. Or should I start thinking about it? Anyways, for me now it's all about mastering all those make-up skills, little tricks and playing around different colors and shades. Shortly, it's all about testing and mastering. But I want to center our talk today on make-up products I seriously can't live without these days...


Let's start with face essentials. By face essentials I mean foundation and concealer. I guess it was around Summer 2014, when I discovered Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation. To put a long story short, it's so far the best one I tried. When it comes to concealer, then it's a stick one. By testing creamy, liquid and solid concealers, I found the best effect coming from the stick one by Flormar. Why to use concealer? Well, we all want that perfect no eye bag look, at least at times, don't we? And in case you ever tried contouring your face with make-up, then you know the power of concealer.


Moving on to eye make-up essentials, let me stress this straightaway - there are two primary eye make-up strategies I use, or actually three. First one includes no eye make-up at all, the one I use on those nearly 24-hours office days with only laptop, monthly schedules and a 'little notebook of ideas'. The second eye strategy is a natural look make-up with mascara (from time to time I use Dzintars one for a more natural look) and nude, brown-ish shades. The third consists of Dior Diorshow mascara that makes eyelashes pop, eye shadows of Dior or Chanel in order to add some color, the final touch is made by eyeliner. Lately my eyeliner addiction fell for CATRICE ink eyeliner, actually its long and thin brush that will help you in drawing those straight perfect lines. All set, photo shoot or evening eye make-up is ready.


You might have noticed that primarily I tend to go for natural shades in my lipstick choice, though red, pink and plum colors do pop on my lips from time to time. Here are three lip make-up pieces I do use within my daily routine. An absolutely natural, or better say shade-less, Dior lip glow that leaves that pleasant feeling that lasts for hours is so far my top piece. Recently it's been followed by Dzintars KREDO Lux lipstick in very nude, beige, shade that totally removes any slight accent from lips (and transfers it straight to eye zone), so I always use it when the nude make-up is my aim. The less popular of my three daily lipstick essentials is a Dior one in slightly pink-ish shade, the shade is more dark than popping bright.

Photo. A. Puzova