Embracing my inner fashion intellectual. 

It's been quite some time since I've started looking at glasses from another angle. Back in the days I assumed glasses, just like hats, flared pants and much other stuff would never suit me. We tend to change, so do our thoughts and prejudices, aren't they? We can't deny the fact that glasses became a sort of a fashionable accessory nowadays. Personalities like Evelina Khromtchenko have a collection of glasses that can be mixed and matched to every single imaginable outfit of their own. Am not going to lie, it was Evelina Khromtchenko and Miroslava Duma who brought this inspiration of casual and semi-formal outfit ideas upgraded with geek-ish glasses to my mind. And since Geek Chic style is back on fashion track, I couldn't be more excited than to pull this intellectual side of me out.

They say thoughts have this ability to become ones reality. Just the moment I was looking through images from Gucci's Autumn/Winter runway show once again, driving inspiration and thinking how I would play around Geek Chic style, the Firmoo brand stepped in. A USA-based online optical store is a one stop destination for many and many practical, geek-ish and fashionable glasses (and sunglasses as well). It's quite easy to get lost in all this abundance of frames, but as soon as you are more than sure which styles suit you, you're on the right path. In my case, I was totally sure that classic style in quite a big size and neutral colors, yet in a la animal print, will suit me and come perfectly together with any of my outfits.

Predicting your question regarding what it's like to order glasses via online store without trying it on. First of all, Firmoo made an online experience pretty straightforward. A specially tailored button TRY ON allows you to either upload a photo of own self or use one of the face types provided by the e-store. In case you are good at visualising, i. e. creating a picture of how it might look like, then you can easily go for face-type options provided. The rest is more than simple. After making up your mind in terms of frames, you need to select lenses. As I don't need special ones, my choice fell for non-prescription. Though lenses were still upgraded with anti-reflection coating. Since my work requires hours spent in front of laptop and gadgets, I found the anti-reflection coating pretty useful. So you see, glasses happen to be my partner even apart from looks. Well, we are all done and order is placed, days later your stylishly intellectual Firmoo piece is knocking at your door!   

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Photo: T. Egorova