Transition period with a scent of 70's. 

Oh those last rays of August sun. Still remember that warm breath of wind as if it was yesterday. Though it's been already a month ago. Different vibes are already sensed in the air, do you feel it? I can't really tell what these vibes are, but some of the components are mystery and a big dose of energy. Maybe I feel it due to the sunset of this fertile and interesting year or maybe I feel it due to all recent discoveries, projects, meetings, future ideas and plans... 

Maybe I feel this mix of energy and mystery due to everything that happened over the past 12 months? September-October 2014 kind of officially mark as time when Practical Queen AP started turning into my 24/7 work, quite a serious personal project by means of which I can either achieve or move towards professional goals. I remember several digital projects and business platforms coming in with partnership proposals back in past Autumn that I then, and still now, considered to be those little signs that showed me the right way. I remember those re-tweets and re-shares of the reviews from my very first Riga Fashion Week and all the kind words I received from the designers regarding my professional flow of thoughts. I also remember the first brand-collaboration ever we did with Preciosa Latvia and GlamGem (a photo of which can now be found in the latest L'Officiel Latvia's Shopping Guide issue).

Over the past post-university year I've learnt a lot. I've been lost and on the crossroads so many times that I started wondering if one of my choices was right. Labelling choices as right or wrong is probably a bit silly, but still... Now seeing all these fruits on my tree after months of work I actually feel pride, satisfaction. No, none of the nouns suits here. I feel blessed. I feel blessed to have a chance to experience so much, to see, to feel it all, to challenge myself and most importantly to come across so many beautiful people. Having a chance to touch upon an amazing personality be it a designer, an industry professional and one of my readers is such an uplifting feeling. The post-university year was quite a mysterious yet fascinating adventure and you know what? Yes, you know. More is yet to come.  

Speaking of a more fashionable part of today's story, i. e. the outfit, it's all about the transition period we are still experiencing. It's not Summer anymore yet it's not a proper Autumn with lots of layering involved. Yet it's a period when you are not really sure if you need to put a jacket or trench coat on or not. A lightweight outerwear still never killed nobody, therefore finishing your outfit off with a jacket or simply have it by the hand will be a good idea these days. Especially when it comes to such a 70's-inspired outfit with some transparency, florals and flares. What I particularly love about this combination, apart from 70's vibes, is a game of simple yet statement colors and a game of texture. Simple yet with a twist. The way I love it.

Look of the Day:
Toyo Menka tunic 
trousers via Humana Vintage 
Asos shoes 
Photo: T. Egorova