Embracing Hollywood wave flow. 

I've been thinking recently that since the launch of Practical Queen AP my hair underwent some (maybe it's worth saying serious) transformations. Serious transformations include a super short hair cut I made right before moving to London, so to say to start a new life in a new city with a new hairstyle. Which now seems to be quite brave of me, cutting hair that short I mean. In case of heightened curiosity, see the Me, Myself & I and City Girl stories. After cutting hair short I went for a color experiment. Well, after pretty much reaching nearly black shade, seen in Il Nome Della Rosa story, I decided to stick to natural beauty of my hair. 

It's not like I never experimented with my hair before London period of life, during school years I was seen going almost completely blond, having a 1970's bang, medium length hair and so on. Still, even now at times I get into this state of mind when I want to try something new or re-try something from my past experiments that include a bang or blond hair (I really found it cool how Kim Kardashian West rocked her blond side). Though after a good night sleep all the ideas fade away and I keep sticking myself to natural beauty. I have no entire idea what the future holds, especially in terms of my hair and maybe one morning I will actually wake up with a new hairstyle. As they say, never say never.

Little changes to my hairstyle are still undertaken at times. By little changes I mean side parts (left or right), middle part, as well as curls, waves, perfectly straight hair, etc. Over the past year I've been rocking the middle part like crazy, it seemed to perfectly match my inner self. But new season and inner voice keep asking for something new, relatively new. So here we go with a la Classic Hollywood Wave hairstyle. A totally feminine, graceful yet dynamic way to style ones hair. And although the Hollywood Wave is mainly seen on red carpets and magazine covers, no one said you can't let your Hollywood Diva out while strolling along the streets of a city. Because, at the end of the day, Divas are not born, they are grown inside and out.

Moving on to the outfit of my Hollywood Diva, I have to point out first that it's a combination of opposites. Being based on contrasts, such as elegant top and jacket and basics, i. e. casual pants, this outfit combination, of course together with hairstyle, seem to release that uptown girl from a little Eastern European city of Riga. Why exactly uptown? As the Bergs Bazaar has the ability to set you to that chic-much feeling. To finish off, I would like to thank both Kanēļa Konditoreja and Garage wine bar for allowing us to shoot in their beautiful, worth indulging, atmospheres.

Look of the Day:
Asos jacket 
Asos top 
Esprit pants 
Bakers shoes 
H&M rings
Photo: T. Egorova